WLYU Y-101 Radio

WLYU Y-101 100.9 FM

Y-101 is a 24 hour 6000 watt radio station in Lyons, GA. Y-101 plays a Classic Country format. It carries Fox and ABC News. 
Y-101 is heavily involved in the community. Y-101 covers Toombs County Athletics along with events in and around the county. 
Y-101 is at the Real Squeal BBQ & Music Festival, the Sweet Onion Festival, and numerous American Red Cross Blood Drives.

Y-101 is proud to offer the Wake Up Morning Show with Dave Allen 6-9 and the Rockabilly Show from noon-1pm Monday-Friday.  

Request Line: (912) 526-6333
Office Line: (912) 526-8122

Meredith and Cassie from Jeff Davis share Y-101 Caller of the Year title

From the moment the voting started for the 2014 Y-101 Radio Caller of the Year title Meredith (the 2013 winner) and Cassie from Jeff Davis (2013 runnerup) seemed headed for a close race. Each has rabid fan bases who wanted to see their girl win. But, neither did. Instead each received 34 votes and they will share the honor for the next 12 months.

Eddie from Alamo finished third in the voting and R.A. Basher was fourth. Others receiving votes included The Legend, Phillip, Bubba, Kallie Joe, and Waterhead. 

Santa drops by Y-101 & hands out the Basher cash

Santa Claus took time out of his busy day on Christmas Eve and popped into Y-101 Radio to help with the R.A. Basher Christmas Cash Giveaway. Eighteen youngsters, 18 and under, qualified for the big drawing during the month of Decemeber. Each young person was guaranteed at least $50.

The big winner was Chason. The longtime participant in the Basher Daily question segment won $250. Peyton (Manning) claimed the second place prize of $200, Cassie from Jeff Davis took home $150, Snake Killer $100 and Ethan $75.

Santa Claus also took phone calls from listeners and talked to Cassie, Meredith, Dylan, Alanis, Savannah, Brady and Haleigh. Watch Santa YouTube  

The Wiggins Brothers share their Christmas cheer

 Mike and Mark Wiggins

Less than a week from Christmas, the Wiggins Brothers, Mike and Mark, visited Y-101 Radio to share their holiday cheer, sing some songs and visit with their many fans. The Legend, Meredith, Cassie from Jeff Davis, Bubba, Habeeb, Phillip and Henrietta, Geraldine and many others called in to talk to the brothers. The Wiggins Brothers sang their new signature song “Beulah Land” and several Christmas songs including “Tone, Tone got run over by a reindeer”. Watch the Wiggins Brothers appearance in it’s entirety on Ustream or highlights on YouTube    

The Campbells visit Y-101 Radio

 Preslee, Craig and Kinni Campbell at Y-101 Radio 

 Preslee sings the national anthem in her 1st trip to the Pit  

On the morning before Craig Campbell was to sing at the Real Squeal and oldest daughter Preslee (six years old) was to sing the national anthem at the Pit, the entire Campell family dropped by and spent an hour, on the air, at Y-101 Radio during the Midday Memory show. Youngest sister Kinni (age four) also talked to the audience and took phone calls. Like Preslee, Kinni is also a singer and both sisters, coincidentally, want to grow up and be mermaids. Watch the Campbells on Y-101 Radio Video  Watch Preslee sing the national anthem in the Pit  Video

Meredith is the Y-101 Caller of the Year

Seven year old Meredith, a runner up the past two years, received 50% of the votes to become the 2013 Y-101 Caller of the year. Listen to the announcement Audio

Meredith started calling the Y-101 Morning Show when she was only four years old. She calls everyday right before she goes to school at 8 a.m. Meredith started off calling from the car seat, in the back seat. But now she has moved up to the front seat.

Meredith sings happy birthday, sends shout-outs, discusses school and she has invented a new game. Listeners use to try and guess what color ribbon she was wearing. But, now they clog the phone line trying to guess what color shirt she is wearing.   

Santa Claus visits Y-101 Radio On the Eve

Cassie from Jeff Davis meets Santa Claus

For the third straight Christmas Eve Santa Claus visited Y-101 Radio. Santa talked to the young people and he helped with the R.A. Basher Christmas give-away. The first prize winner of four Ben Franklins was Terrell. Second place (two Ben Franklins) went to Calista, third pace (one Ben Franklin) to Meredith and fourth place (1/2 Ben Franklin) to Breanna. 17 young people qualified during the 2 1/2 weeks leading up to Christmas and everyone of them received at least $25 compliments of R.A. Basher.  Watch Santa Claus You Tube  

From Softball to Singing

 Beth East sings on Y-101 Radio

Beth East, a former softball pitcher at Dublin High School, is now writing and singing songs. Beth appeared on Y-101 and sang three of her original songs. Watch and listen to Beth sing You Tube 

Flashback- In 2010 Beth pitched against Toombs County and the Lady Bulldogs rallied from a 5-2 deficit by scoring two runs in the sixth and two more in the seventh inning in a 6-5 home win over Dublin. Elizabeth Kirkley’s second double tied the game and then Skylar Moore’s sacrifice fly to left field drove in Kirkley with the game winner. Watch Highlights Video   

Bryce three-peats on Y-101

In a vote, with a record turnout, Bryce won his third straight Y-101 Caller of the Year title. 134 votes were tallied in 7 1/2 hours of voting and Bryce, who is 10 years old, received 66 votes which was 49% of the total. Bryce has been calling Y-101 for more than three years and he can be heard Monday-Friday at 7:07 a.m. 

For a second straight year Meredith, who just turned six, ran a close second. Meredith, who calls in each morning at 7:55 on her way to school, collected 36% of the vote. Others receiving votes included Eddie from Alamo, Pampino Purple, Elmira, R.A. Basher, Habib, The Roadrunner, The Zero Guy and Quack. Listen to the announcement on Y-101 Audio   

Cassie from Jeff Davis wins Basher cash

Cassie, from Jeff Davis, was the grand prize winner in R.A. Basher’s Christmas Gold Rush Giveaway. Cassie answered a Basher question and won $25 and that qualified her for the big drawing on the Christmas Eve Morning Show on Y-101 Radio. For the second straight year Santa spent an hour on Y-101 talking to the children and at the end of the show he pulled out Cassie’s name. Watch an archive of the show You Tube  and check out Cassie’s Slideshow

The Tiger Creek Band is on Y-101

The Tiger Creek Band visited Y-101 Radio and the Vidalia based band sang three original songs and took phone calls. Geraldine, the Y-101 Musical Reviewer, gave each song more than 90 stars. Justin Dukes, who is 18-years old, is the lead singer and songwriter. Watch their accoustic set You Tube

Bryce repeats as Y-101 Caller of the Year

Bryce repeated as the Y-101 caller of the year for 2011. Bryce received 38% of the vote from the listeners who called in to WLYU Radio during the Morning and Midday Memory Shows. Meredith received 19% of the vote and finished second, Elmira and Pampino Purple both tied for third with 15% and Petross was fifth with 4%.

Santa stops by Y-101 before big night

Santa, at the request of R.A. Basher, stopped by Y-101 Radio on the eve of Christmas Eve to draw the winning names in the Basher’s Christmas Gold Rush Cash Giveaway. Beginning November 28 young people 18 and under began qualifying for the drawing by answering questions prepared by the Basher. The winner of $250 in R.A. Basher Christmas Gold Rush Money was nine-year old Bryce.

Ten other qualifiers won $25 and they were- Calista, Chason, Chloe, Hank the 5th, Madison, Meredith, Robert, Snake Killer, Terrell and Zachery. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to R.A. Basher and Santa

Meredith celebrates 5th birthday at Y-101 

Meredith, who rules the radio world during the 7:57 a.m. time slot, celebrated her fifth birthday at Y-101 Radio. Meredith took phone calls and birthday wishes from the Chicken Man, Elmira, Henrietta and her father, who was pretending to be Habib. Her birthday plans included a pizza party and opening her presents.

Meredith is closing in on Dan Uggla’s consecutive streak record. She has received a green light, an award for good behavior at school, for over 30 consecutive days. If she hits 34 she will break Uggla’s record. Listen to Mereidth on Y-101 Radio Audio 

Craig Campbell visits Y-101 on eve of big concert

Craig Campbell dropped by Y-101 Radio and spent an hour talking about his surging country music singing career while taking phone calls from many of his local fans. Craig was back in town in advance of his concert at the Macon Centreplex with Alan Jackson. Craig’s self titled album hit number 14 on the charts and his first two singles- Family Man (#14) and Fish (#23 and still rising) have perfomed quite well on the charts. Craig was joined in studio by his mother Bertha and his wife Mindy, who is also a country music singer. For more info check out both of their websites: Craig Cambell and Mindy Ellis Campbell Craig answers some question about his career Video  

Emmylou Harris Fan wins on Y-101 

The Emmylou Harris Fan won the Real Squeal gift package from Y-101 Radio. The Y-101 regular caller claimed a grill from Farmers Furniture in Lyons, a lawn chair from Farmers in Vidalia, a beef brisket from Stewarts Quality Meat and charcoal and more from Thriftway in Lyons.

Bryce is the Y-101 Caller of the Year

Congratulations to Bryce for being named the first ever Y-101 Caller of the Year for 2010. Bryce, who is eight years old and in third grade, earned 31% of the vote from the Y-101 listeners and despite just being a regular caller for half the year he beat out some veteran Y-101 regulars. Listen to the coverage of this first ever event which includes a protest by the controversial R.A. (Radio Announcer) Basher Audio

You can hear Bryce on Y-101 Radio at 7:10 a.m. Monday thru Friday  

Y-101 snags two Gabbys

Y-101 Radio won two Gabby Awards at the Georgia Association of Broadcasters Awards Banquet in Roswell. Y-101 took home the Gabby for the Best Sports Story for it’s coverage of the 2009 Toombs County Bulldogs dramatic ninth inning win over Bleckley County. Listen to the award winning story Audio  The second award was for the Y-101 Morning Show and a lot of listeners contributed to that honor. Listen to the winning entry Audio

Turkey hidden on new Y-101 Sign

To celebrate Y-101 Radio’s new outdoor sign, a certificate for a turkey (compliments Thriftway in Lyons) was hidden and found by a listener underneath the sign. Watch and listen to the coverage on The Morning Show on Y-101 Radio Video     

 Y-101 Radio wins GABBY for sports story

WLYU-FM, Y-101 Radio, won a GABBY for the best Radio Sports Story or Series at the Georgia Association of Broadcasters Awards Banquet in Marietta. The story which aired on Y-101 Radio on April 10, 2007 was a recap of a no-hitter, broadcast on Y-101, that Jared Allen pitched for the Toombs County Bulldogs in a game played in Swainsboro. Listen to the story Audio     

Look what Cerrito sent Elmira on Y-101 Radio

In June country music singer Cerrito appeared on Y-101 Radio’s Midday Memory Show with Elmira, a Y-101 listener and a big fan of Cerrito. During the interview Cerrito promised to send Elmira two CD’s and a signed picture. Well, Cerrito made Elmira’s day by sending her his new CD “They Know You’re Gone” and a CD of country standards. Listen to Elmira discuss her gifts Audio  Cerrito Y-101 interview Audio  Elmira receives her gifts Audio

Elmira is reminded to call Y-101 Radio

The Legend (a Y-101 listener) arranged for a Vidalia gas station, located on 280, to use its neon sign to remind Elmira to call Y-101 Radio for her daily musical request on the station’s Midday Memory Show (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.). Elmira was out and about paying bills, buying groceries and checking out CD’s. Elmira talks to Y-101 about her name being on the big sign Audio