Nancy Carter Dees



Nancy Carter is the second player from the left on the back row. Nancy went on to become a high school coach at LaGrange and a college coach at West Georgia. On January 11, 1980 her West Georgia team was playing at Georgia Tech. The head coach of the Lady Yellow Jackets was named Benny. This was the only season he was the head coach of the Tech women. This Benny guy coached his team to a 57-55 victory over Nancy’s team.

An exert from Curry Kirpatrick’s Sports Illustrated cover story from November 18, 1987

While directing the Georgia Tech women’s team in 1980, Benny Dees met and competed against a West Georgia coach named Nancy Carter. Recalling the game their teams played that season. Dees says, “I kicked her tail by one.” Two years later they were married. When they were at Alabama, Nancy told Benny to recruit a guy “who was even fatter than I was.” says Benny. Dees declined, so Charles Barkley went to Auburn. “Now I’m the only coach in America who has to drive home listening to his wife tell him he should have taken the press off,” he says.