The Lyons Midget Boys are the 58th Lyons Youth Tournament Champions

The Lyons Midget Boys were undefeated through the Lyons Youth Tournament until Game 1 of the Championship Game when Vidalia won 9-7 in extra innings. In the if-necessary game that followed, Lyons won and won big beating the Vidalia Midget Boys 12-3 as they took the title.

Game 1 went on for eight innings, in a game that typically runs six. Vidalia was the visiting team in game one and scored a run in the first and second. Vidalia scored two in the fourth and one in the fifth to lead Lyons 5-0. Lyons scored four in the bottom of the fifth. Vidalia scored none in the top of the sixth and Lyons tied it up in the bottom of the inning to send the game into extra innings. Both teams scored a run in the seventh with help from the international tie-breaker rule. Vidalia took the game by scoring three in the eighth and Lyons only answered scoring one.

In game two Lyons was the visiting team. The first went scoreless for both teams and Vidalia scored a run in the bottom of the second. Lyons scored in the top of the third on an RBI by Riley Kersey. He scored shortstop Nick Carroll who reached on a double. Vidalia answered by scoring a run in the bottom of the inning on a Lyons error. Lyons ran away with the game in the top of the fourth scoring six. Two of the six were scored on errors but with the bases loaded Riley Kersey stepped to the plate a smashed a grand slam over the Green Monster at Little Fenway. Lyons scored three more in the fifth. Two of the three coming from Nick Carroll on a two run RBI. Vidalia scored one in the bottom of the inning and Lyons scored two more in the sixth and took the game 12-3.