The Bulldogs bounce back with a commanding 31-0 shutout of Jeff Davis

The week after a loss to rival Vidalia is sometimes a very stressful week for the Toombs County Bulldogs. So much rides on that game that it effects the team the following week. The 2019 Dawgs didn’t let that bring them down in a crucial Region 2 home game against Jeff Davis. Instead they came out and played their most complete game of the season. They ran the ball successfully (181 yards on 37 carries for an average of 4.9), threw three touchdown passes and kicked a field goal in a 31-0 victory. Y-101 play-by-play

D.J. MIncey, wearing number 33 and not 9 in honor of his father Derrek, ran for 146 yards on 25 carries averaging 5.8 yards a carry with a long run of 29.  

“We just talked about it last week trying to focus and cleanup our mistakes from the games we have lost,” senior quarterback Trey Cloud said after completing 10-of-14 passes for 140 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. “We really focused on Jeff Davis and on being the best we can be and came out fighting.”

The Toombs County defense earned it’s fifth shutout of the season with a hard-hitting effort that stymied a Yellow Jacket offense which was averaging 35 points per game.

The last time a Toombs County defense shutout five regular season opponents was in 1995 when those Bulldogs led by Travares Tillman blanked Savannah Christian, Calvary, Vidalia, Wheeler County and Montgomery County. That team earned a sixth shutout with a 12-0 win over Seminole County in the first round of the state playoffs.

This season the Bulldogs have also shutout Twiggs County, Hancock Central, Bacon County and Bryan County.

The last time the Dawgs followed a Vidalia loss with a shutout win was in 2005 when they shutout Jeff Davis 21-0 on the road.

The win after a Vidalia loss was the first since 2014 when Toombs beat Beach 20-12 coming off a 42-0 loss in the Pit to the Indians. The Bulldogs had lost three straight times in that situation prior to their Friday win. 

Since 1987 the Bulldogs’ record coming off a lost to Vidalia is 7-9. From 1987 to 1991 the two teams played each other in the final week of the regular season and the Dawgs did not make the state playoffs in any of those years.

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Chase Miller congratulates Drekari Jones after his TD catch

It took the Bulldogs two shots to score their first TD. They drove down deep into the red zone and were stopped on a fourth down play. However, on their next possession Chandler Lynn threw a touchdown pass to senior Drekari Jones. Julian Marion-Vitale’s extra point made it 7-0.

“It was just one of those surprise plays,” Lynn said. “So surprising we work on it once a week and that is it. The time came and coach Marsh thought it was a good time to run it and coach Dorsey agreed with him and we ran it. I wouldn’t say it was the best throw. It wasn’t a Trey Cloud pass, but it was enough to let Dre jump up there and get it.”

“The defense back bit on the bait,” Jones added. “He placed the ball almost perfect and luckily I had the length (6 feet 6 inches tall) to make the catch.”

Trey Cloud scores on a 1-yard run
Julian Marin-Vitale kicks a PAT

With 2:49 to play in the first half Cloud followed senior right guard Chase Miller scoring on a 1-yard run and with a Marion-Vitale PAT it was 14-0.

“I ran behind Chase Miller and he is a people mover and he moved them out of the way for me,” Cloud said.

Trey Cloud is looking for Tyler Heath
Tyler Heath catches a TD pass
Tyler Heath
Chandler Lynn signals touchdown

The Bulldogs took the second half kickoff and drove 80-yards in six minutes and 20 seconds and scored on an 8-yard pass from Cloud to Tyler Heath. With 5:40 to play in the third quarter it was 21-0 Bulldogs.

“We were trying to get him matched up with a certain corner,” Cloud said. “Before the play he switched and I checked with Tyler. He knew what to do and he went up and got the ball and it was a pretty play.”

“I had a one-one-one with the DB,” Heath said. “Trey Cloud threw me a perfect ball to me and I looked it in and caught it.”

Chandler Lynn and Drekari Jones leap after Lynn’s TD catch

Just 20 seconds into the fourth quarter Cloud fired a pass to Lynn for a 12-yard TD connection.

“It was a great pass,” Lynn said. “it was right there between the two defenders. It was right there where I had to reach out and I snagged it.”

With 1:45 to play in the Marion-Vitale kicked an 18-yard field goal from the same tough angel, the left hash marks, from which he missed on a 20-yard attempt at Vidalia.

“There was no way I was missing it,” Marion-Vitale said. “I can’t let this happen again. I sat my mind to it and it went through.” Julian also smashed five of his six kickoffs into the end zone. The only one that didn’t make it was kicked from the 25-yard line because of a Bulldog penalty.

“I knew I could do it. I have been practicing all week. I couldn’t let what happened to me last week get to me this week. So, I came out and kicked the best I could today.” 

For the 6-2 Bulldogs, who are now 3-2 in the region, it was a very satisfying Senior Night.

“I am happy with the way they handled this week,” head coach Richie Marsh said. “The Lord showed up for us and we got in there and called upon his mighty name. It was a tough week, especially at the beginning of the week. I am just so proud of our kids. The way they fought through and prepared themselves for tonight. This game could have gone a whole bunch of different ways. They hung in there and they fought. I am so proud of the way they performed tonight after last week.”

In other region action Swainsboro beat Vidalia 21-9 and Metter whipped Bryan County 56-3. Swainsboro leads the region with a 4-0 record, Metter and Vidalia are tied for second place with 3-1 records and Toombs County is in fourth place. The top four teams move on to the state playoffs. Jeff Davis dropped out of the top four and is now 2-2.

Toombs County will take a Friday night off before ending the regular season on November 1 at Swainsboro.


    Comp Att Yds C % Avg TD Int Lng QB Rate
  Team Totals 11 15 142 .733 12.9 3   51 142.2
3 Chandler Lynn (Jr) 1 1 2 1.000 2.0 1   2 137.5
12 Trey Cloud (Sr) 10 14 140 .714 14.0 2   51 142.9
Toombs County


    Car Yds Avg Lng TD
  Team Totals 37 181 4.9 29 1
1 Caleb Hartley (Sr) 9 32 3.6 13  
3 Chandler Lynn (Jr) 1 0 0.0 0  
9 Derrick Mincey (Jr) 25 146 5.8 29  
12 Trey Cloud (Sr) 2 3 1.5 2 1
Toombs County


    Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
  Team Totals 11 142 12.9 51 3
3 Chandler Lynn (Jr) 5 86 17.2 51 1
9 Derrick Mincey (Jr) 2 29 14.5 24  
11 Drekari Jones (Sr) 2 9 4.5 7 1
15 Tyler Heath (Jr) 2 18 9.0 11 1


    Solo Asst Tot Tckls TFL
  Team Totals     58 2.0
1 Caleb Hartley (Sr)     8 1.0
2 Tyler Smith (Sr)     11  
3 Chandler Lynn (Jr)     5  
4 Me’elle Merrion (Sr)     1  
15 Tyler Heath (Jr)     2 1.0
17 Josiah Smith (So)     6  
18 Gage Herndon (So)     2  
23 Blake Hall (Jr)     7  
24 O. Roberts (So)     1  
25 Shauqae Gaffney (Sr)     2  
30 Brannon Usher (Jr)     2  
31 Will Watts (Fr)     1  
32 Tank Morris (Fr)     5  
52 C. Braddock (Jr)     1  
55 Dawson Malone (Jr)     4  


    Sacks Ydl Hurs
  Team Totals 1.0 6 2
1 Caleb Hartley (Sr) 1.0 6  
18 Gage Herndon (So)     1
32 Tank Morris (Fr)     1


Tank Morris (#32), Caleb Harley and Josiah Smith combine on a tackle
Blake Hall (left) and Caleb Hartley crush Jashaun Kirby
Hall and Hartley finish their tackle
Chandler Lynn runs down the sideline
Chase Miller recovers a fumble
Caleb Hartley brings down a Yellow Jacket
D.J. Mincey runs down the Yellow Jacket sideline
The Yellow Jackets chase D.J. Mincey
Four fingers for the fourth quarter
Four fingers from the TCHS cheerleaders
Four fingers from the Red Coat Marching Band
Tyler Heath on a catch and run
Coaches Travis Blewitt, Richie Marsh and Daniel Dorsey
Shaking hands after a big Bulldog victory
The Bulldogs fifth shutout of the season