Bulldog varsity rolls up 28 1st half points against Windsor Forest

The Toombs County varsity Bulldogs, who have played one just regular season game in their last three weeks, got to play a half of action in Booster Stadium on a Thursday afternoon. The Bulldogs scored 28 points and yielded seven before they turned the rest of the game over to the junior varsity. Windsor won the second half 8-0 making the final score 28-15.

Tyler Smith scored two touchdowns on a 85-yard kickoff return and an 80-yard pass reception from Trey Cloud. D.J. Mincey scored on a 7-yard run and Chandler Lynn took a wildcat snap and scored on a 4-yard run.

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KK Gaffney tackles a Knight
KK Gaffney takes a stiff arm
Caleb Hartley makes a solo tackle
Windsor Forest scores a passing TD
Caleb Hartley has two blockers
Caleb Hartley begins a long run
Caleb Hartley breaks away from three Knights
Caleb Hartley runs in open space
The Bulldogs surround the Windsor QB