GRPA State Tournament Scoreboard- Lyons Midget Girls, Mite Girls and Midget Boys each win a GRPA State Championship

Tuesday- On the first day of GRPA State Tournament action Lyons went 3-0. The Midget girls edged Wayne County 9-8. the Mite Girls trounced Troup County 20-0 and the Flea Boys took care of the Savannah Mavericks 14-2. The Midget Boys and the Mite Boys open tourney action on Wednesday.

Wednesday- On the second day three Lyons teams moved closer to playing for a state championship. The Lyons Midget Girls won a second one-run game beating Vidalia 10-9 and then knocked off Troup 10-4 to move to the championship round undefeated. The Lyons Midget Boys roared past Moultrie 9-1. The Boys need one more win to go to the championship round undefeated. The Lyons Mite Girls won two straight after losing a one-run game and they need one win to get to the championship round and then two more to win the title. The Lyons Flea Boys are still alive in the losers bracket and the Lyons Mite Boys were eliminated from their tourney.

Thursday- The Lyons Midget Girls won their third one-run game of the tournament- 9-8 over Swainsboro to win the GRPA State Championship. The Mite Girls had to win three games on Thursday to win the title and they did. They knocked off Whitfield County 24-9 and 16-15 in the championship round. The Midget Boys will play for a championship on Friday after their 15-14 win on Thursday over Sumter County.

Friday- The Lyons Midget Boys nipped Wayne County 1-0 to win a third GRPA State Championship for the Lyons Recreation Department for the second year in a row. For some of the boys it is their third state championship in the past four years. There were three total hits in the game all belonging to Wayne County. Lyons scored the only run in the third inning on a wild pitch which brought Brantley Upshaw in with the game-winner. Upshaw was the starting pitcher and Jesus Quintero worked in relief.

11-12 Midget Girls at Diamond Lakes north of Hephzibah

Lyons will be the host team representing District 4 since that district did not have a team. Bracket

Tuesday- Lyons 9, Wayne County 8 (District 2 champion) 8- Lyons had to rally from an an 8-6 deficit going in to the final inning- the bottom of the fourth. Lauren Hattaway singled and scored on a Tori Wright double. Kaleigh Sanders singled scoring Wright to tie the game at 8. Riley Lumley entered the game as a pinch runner and stole second base on the first pitch and then with two outs Kassidy Brantley doubled down the third base line to score Lumley to put Lyons up 9-8. The girls made the final out in the fourth and the game was called due to the time limit. Sanders was the starting pitcher and Charlee Eli relieved her and picked up the win.

Tuesday- Vidalia (District 1 runner up) 15, Murray County (District 5 champion) 2

Tuesday- Swainsboro (District 1 champion) 9 South Bryan (District 2 runner up) 1

Tuesday- Troup County 3, Tift County (District 3 champion) 0

Wednesday- Lyons 10, vs. Vidalia 9- Lyons led 3-1 after one inning and 6-3 going to the bottom of the fourth and that is when Vidalia tied the game at 6. The time limit was up so the game went to an extra inning using the international tie breaker putting a runner at second base to start the frame.

Ariel Reynolds scored with one down on a double hit by Rylee Thomas. Tori Wright made it 8-6 with a RBI double. Kaleigh Sanders singled and Kassidy Brantley pulled a triple down the third base line scoring two runs to put Lyons up 10-6.

Vidalia scored three times in the bottom of the fifth. Wright, who started the game in the circle, recorded the first out and then moved to shortstop where she caught two pop ups to end the game stranding a runner at third base. Wright was the winning pitcher and Charlee Ely picked up the save while getting the final two outs.  

Wednesday- Lyons 10, Troup County 4- Lyons moves in to the championship round needing one more win to bring home the state title.

Wednesday- Troup County 12, Swainsboro 11

Wednesday- Vidalia 14, Tift County 2

Wednesday- Swainsboro 10, Vidalia 9- Vidalia finishes fourth.

Wednesday- Tift County 10, South Bryan 9 – South Bryan is eliminated.

Wednesday- Wayne County 14, Murray County 3

Thursday- Swainsboro 14, Troup County 1- Swainsboro will plays Lyons for the championship.

Thursday- Lyons 9, Swainsboro 8-  Lyons wins the GRPA State Championship

Diamond Lakes is 90 miles from Lyons. Directions

11-12 Midget Boys at the Magnolia Sports Complex in Moultrie

Lyons is the District 1 Champion. Bracket

Tuesday-  Moultrie (District 3 host) 12, Wayne County (District 2 runner up) 4

Tuesday– Sumter County (District 3 champion) 5, Vidalia (Region 1 runner up) 3

Tuesday- Ware County (Region 2 runner up) 15, Whitfield County (District 5 champion) 0

Wednesday- Sumter County (District 3 champion) 10, Ware County (Region 2 runner up) 6

Wednesday- Vidalia 20, Whitfield County 0

Wednesday- Moultrie 9, Vidalia 8- Vidalia finishes fifth in the tournament.

Wednesday- Lyons 9, Moultrie 1- Lyons got some solid pitching from starter Jesus Quintero, who pitched three innings, and Demetrius Colter, who handled the final two. Both pitchers changed speeds and they each hit a home run. Quintero went 2-3 with a solo homer and a single and Cotler smashed a two-run home run. Trayvan Harris had a pair of hits and Dawson Brantley and Kipp Mosley each had a hit. Kipp’s was a walkoff shot as he gave Lyons an eight-run lead which ended the game on the run rule.

Thursday- Lyons 15, Sumter County 14- This eight inning game featured plenty of hitting. Demetrius Cotler and T.J. Stanley had big singles in the eighth as Lyons scored three times.The Top three hitters in the lineup scored nine runs. Leadoff hitter Brantley Upshaw scored four runs and went 6-for-6 with three singles, two doubles and a two-run home run in the fourth inning. Kipp Mosley scored three runs with a single and a walk and Trayvan Harris scored twice and had three hits- a double, a single and a two-run homer also in the fourth.

Thursday- Wayne County 10, Sumter County 0

Friday- Lyons 1, Wayne County 0- Lyons wins the GRPA State Championship and for some of the boys on the team this is their third state championship.

Magnolia Sports Complex located at 2010 Magnolia Lane in Moultrie. It is 127 miles from Lyons. Directions

9-10 year old Mite Girls at Clarence E. Morgan Field in Effingham County

Lyons is the District 1 champion. Bracket

Tuesday– Lyons 20, Troup County 0

Tuesday- Douglas 12, Effingham County 4

Tuesday- Moultrie 10, Swainsboro 6

Tuesday– Whitfield County 19, Wayne County 18

Wednesday- Whitfield County 10, Lyons 9

Wednesday– Lyons 16, Swainsboro 4

Wednesday- Lyons 16, Wayne County 15- “We lost to Whitfield by one run,” head coach Shawn Stringer said, “We had a 9-7 lead in the last inning .We didn’t play our best, but hats off to Whitfield to comeback and win. Next we had Swainsboro and we played really well and won 16 to 2. Against Wayne County we were down 12 to 4 at one point. We were struggling a little, but we keep our spirits up and kept telling the girls to dig and fight- its not over. Get some runs every inning and work our way back into the game and we did. It was 15 to 11 Wayne in the bottom of sixth. We started a rally hitting the ball. Tied the game up 15 to 15. We had bases loaded with two outs and then we got a huge hit from Shaylin Stringer- a shot to the outfield that was a home run over all the Wayne County outfielders. We just needed one and we got it. I’m just so happy with the heart, desire, hustle and attitudes these girls had. To battle and battle like they did and to come back. I hope we bring the same fire and drive against Douglas on Thursday.”

Wednesday- Douglas 10, Moultrie 5

Wednesday- Whitfield County18, Douglas 3- Whitfield County moves to the championship round.

Thursday- Lyons 14, Douglas  6

Thursday- Lyons 24, Whitfield County 9

Thursday- Lyons 16, Whitfield County 15- Lyons is the GRPA State Champions.

Charles E. Morgan Field is 77 miles from Lyons. Directions

9-10 year old Mite Boys at Clarence E. Morgan Field in Effingham County

Lyons is the District 1 runner up. Bracket

Tuesday- Effingham (District 1 host) 15, Savannah Stars (Division 2 runner up) 0 on Tuesday at 5 p.m. The winner plays Dalton (District 5 champion) on Wednesday at 11:15 a.m.

Tuesday- Glynn County (District 2 B runner up) 12, Twin City (District 1 number 3 team) 4

Wednesday- Douglas 7, Lyons 4

Wednesday- Twin City 10, Lyons 3- The Lyons Mite Boys have been eliminated.

Wednesday- Vidalia 15, vs. South Bryan 6

Wednesday- Vidalia will play at 2 p.m.

The championship round begins on Friday at 11:15 a.m.

Charles E. Morgan Field is 77 miles from Lyons. Directions

7-8 Year Old Flea Boys in Savannah at the Allen E. Paulson Softball Complex

Lyons is the District 1 runner up. Bracket

Tuesday- Lyons (District 1 runner up) 14, Savannah Mavericks 2

Tuesday- Wayne County (District 2 B champion) 9, Savannah 1

Tuesday- St. Simmons 15, South Bryan 3

Tuesday- Ware County (District 2 B runner up) 13, Thomasville YMCA 1

Wednesday- Vidalia 13, Wayne County 7

Wednesday- Pooler-Harris 16, Ware County 11

Wednesday- Pooler- Harris 7 Lyons (District 1 runner up) 1

Wednesday- Lyons 11, South Bryan 7

Wednesday- Lyons 12, Savannah 2

Thursday- Wayne County 8, Lyons 5- Lyons finishes fifth in the tourney.

Thursday- Vidalia 6, Pooler-Harris 4

Friday- Vidalia vs. Pooler-Harris the championship beginning at noon

Allen E Paulson Softball Complex is between 80 and 90 miles from Lyons depending upon route. Directions