Bulldogs match Hephzibah in the first half and mash the Rebels in the 4th quarter

In a preseason scrimmage, at Hephzibah, the Toombs County Bulldogs scored 20 points in the first half on a Dalton McBride 46-yard run in the first quarter and two second quarter throws by the senior quarterback to Jaquail Boyd (17 and 8-yards) to build up a 20-14 lead at the break. In the fourth quarter the Dawgs emphasized their veteran offensive line and power running game with senior Jeidon Sistrunk scoring two touchdowns on a three and a 21-yard run as the Bulldog varsity won their three quarters 33-20.

The Rebels opened the game with senior quarterback Max Lockwood racing 60-yards for a touchdown, just 45 seconds into the game. Lockwood threw a 12-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter and a late fourth quarter TD to cut the Dawg lead to 27-20.

Head coach Richie Marsh with his Dawgs

In the junior varsity’s third quarter sophomore quarterback Trey Cloud threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Cole Graham while the Rebels scored on a long run as that segment ended in a 7-all tie.

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Quarterback Dalton McBride’s fake to Jeidon Sistrunk was so good that the Rebels were tackling him while Dalton took off and ran down a open lane for a touchdown

Game Summary

1 2 3* 4 F
Toombs County 7 13 7 13 33
Hephzibah 7  7 7 6 20
  • 3rd quarter junior varsity

First Quarter

TD 11:15  Hephzibah- Max Lockwood 60-yard touchdown run (Renan Arroyo PAT) 7-0

TD 10:23 Toombs County- Dalton McBride 46-yard run (Rig Tinoco PAT) 7-7

Second Quarter

TD 7:37 Toombs County- McBride 17-yard pass to Jaquail Boyd (Tinoco PAT) 14-7

TD 4:40 Hephzibah- Lockwood 12-yard touchdown pass (Renan Arroyo PAT) 14-14

TD :41 Toombs County- McBride 8-yard pass to Boyd (Tinoco missed PAT) 20-14

Third Quarter (Junior Varsity)

TD Toombs County- Trey Cloud 15-yard pass to Cole Graham (Tinoco PAT) 7-0

TD Hephzibah- long run (Arroyo PAT) 7-7

Fourth Quarter

TD 4:27 Toombs County-Jeidon Sistrunk 3-yard run (Tinoco PAT) 27-14

TD 1:33 Hephzibah- Lockwood long pass (Arroyo missed PAT) 27-20

TD :11 Toombs County- Sistrunk 21-yard run (Tinoco missed PAT) 33-20


First TD drive- 4 plays, 70-yards- Sistrunk ran for 13-yards and a first down. McBride threw to D.J. Matthews for 12-yards netting a first down. McBride’s pass to Boyd was incomplete. On second down and ten from the Rebel 46 McBride made a fantastic fake hand off to Sistrunk, who was tackled by a defensive lineman, and then he ran down an open lane down the left side of the field and he was never touched on his touchdown run.

Jaquail Boyd beats a Rebel defensive back and scores a touchdown

Second touchdown- 5 plays, 60 yards- The Bulldogs picked up the pace on offensive and rotated their offensive backs with Sistrunk running for 15-yards and a first down and then two more yards before Alex Hunt came in and ran for 9-and 17 yards picking up a first down on each carry. The quick drive ended when McBride, on a play fake rolled to his right and threw a perfect pass to Boyd, who beat the defensive back by several steps heading to the right corner of the end zone for 17-yards .

Jaquail Boyd runs a post pattern and catches his second touchdown of the second quarter

Third touchdown- 11 plays and 70 yards- After Sistrunk was tackled for a 1-yard loss, Hunt ran for six yards. However, the Bulldogs picked up a 10-yard penalty. McBride completed a pass to Ashleee Ashley for 19-yards near the Rebel sideline. Hunt was tackled behind the line of scrimmage for a 3-yard loss. Hunt ran for two and then seven yards on fourth down and three to pick up a first down. McBride scrambled for 9-yards and the Rebels were penalized for grabbing his face mask which took the ball down to the 19. Ashley caught a pass for 3-yards and McBride ran for five and a first down. Sistrunk picked up a yard and then on second and and goal McBride, on a play fake threw the ball down the center of the field for an 8-yard score to Boyd, who ran a post and made the catch for six points with 41 seconds remaining in the first half.

Cole Graham runs a post pattern and leaps and catches his first TD pass since middle school

Fourth touchdown (junior varsity)- 10 plays and 55 yards- Sophomore quarterback Trey Cloud threw a 14-yard pass to freshman Brandon Usher for a first down. Sophomore TY Myrik ran for 7-yards and freshman Chandler Lynn for three. Usher caught another Cloud pass for 14-yards and a first down and then two plays later, on third down and 10, Cloud threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Graham. Graham ran a post pattern and made a leaping catch.

Jeidon Sistrunk scores on a run up the middle

Fifth touchdown- 5 plays and 46 yards- Boyd dove to the turf and intercepted a Rebel pass giving the Bulldogs a short field. The Dawgs ran five running plays with Sistrunk running for 0, 21 (first down) and 5-yards, Hunt rushed for 16-yards and a first down and then Sistrunk ended the drive with a 3-yard run up the middle for the touchdown.

Jeidon Sistrunk scores his second fourth quarter TD by cutting to the left

Sixth touchdown- 4 plays and 70 yards- The Bulldog offense finished the game with four Sistrunk running plays, three netted 64-yards. Jeidon ran for 20-yards and a first down, then six and 23 more for a second first down and then he scored on a 21-yard run in which he made a cut to the left and ran down toward the left pylon for his second touchdown.


Coach Richie Marsh shakes Shihee Butler’s hand