Bulldogs score on big plays in Booster Stadium scrimmage

The Toombs County Bulldogs wrapped up their first week in pads with a scrimmage at Booster Stadium and the Dawgs scored six touchdowns on big plays. Senior quarterback Dalton McBride threw two touchdowns to Jaquail Boyd, McBride and Alex Hunt each scored on long runs and Ashlee Ashley and J.D. Myers each caught a short pass and scored on long runs after their receptions.

Interview with Toombs County head coach Richie Marsh


Nykwan Coleman catches a pass
Quarterback Dalton McBride gets time to throw the ball
Adam Edwards catches his second pass
Nykwan Coleman almost makes a spectacular catch
Rig Tinoco attempts a 32-yard field goal
Rig Tinoco’s kick sails through the south end zone goal post
Dalton McBride (green jersey) intercepts a pass
Jaquail Boyd makes a finger tip catch
Jaquail Boyd takes the ball into the end zone
Dalton McBride takes off on a run
Dalton McBride runs the ball into the north end zone
Jaquail Boyd catches a Dalton McBride pass and scores his second touchdown
Jeidon Sistrunk runs off a Jaquail Boyd (#32) block
Jeidon Sistunk crosses the goal line for six
J.D. Myers snags a pass
J.D. Myers runs the ball to the north end zone
Alex Hunt breaks through the line of scrimmage
Alex Hunt leaves the defense in his wake and scores a touchdown
Ashlee Ashley makes a fine move and scores on a long run