Lyons Flea Boys score 11 before they make an out and 17 in the first inning

Tyson Brantley strokes the first Lyons hit of the game

Shortstop Tyson Brantley was the leadoff hitter for the Lyons Flea Boys as they opened up District 1 play at Ed Smith in Vidalia. Brantley highlighted the three inning game with an inside-the-park home run and that led to a 17 run first inning in which the All Stars scored 11 runs before they made an out.

The bottom of the first was so long that the umpires gave each team a water break on the 90 plus degree day and when the game was over Lyons had a 20-1 win over Effingham County.

Deon Moore makes a snow cone basket catch in right field
Tyson Brantley gets the out call on a force play at second base
M.J. Burton gloves a ball at third base
Tyson Brantley catches a pop up
Who is going to catch this pop up?
The correct answer- first baseman Trevor White
Catcher Riley Kersey drinks up on a hot day
GRPA District Tournaments
Lyons Flea Boys 20, Effingham 1
Lyons Flea Girls 25, Effingham 3
Lyons Mite Boys 21. Twin City 0
Dublin 4, Lyons Mite Girls 2
Twin City 10, Lyons Midget Boys 5
Lyons Midget Girls rained out
Dublin 7, Lyons Junior Boys 0
Lyons Junior Girls are already qualified for the state tourney
Lyons Flea Boys play at noon at Vidalia
Lyons Mite Boys versus Rincon at 12:15 at Effingham
Lyons MIdget Boys versus Effingham at 10 a.m. at Little Fenway
Lyons Junior Boys versus Effingham at noon at Dublin
Lyons Flea Girls versus Rincon at 11:45 a.m. in Rincon
Lyons Mite Girls versus Thomson at 11:30 a.m. in Dublin
Lyons Midget Girls versus Effingham at 11 a.m. at Effingham County