Kylee and Slade wrestle in the Toombs Christmas Classic

Toombs County kids wrestlers  Kylee Edwards and Slade McDonald were two among many youngsters who competed in Toombs Christmas Classic in the Toombs County Middle School Gym.

Kylee Edwards
Kylee Edwards wins a match with her brother Adam (left) in her corner

Slade is an experienced wresltler, but for 10 year old Kylee this is her first season of competing on the mat. In the past she had done pageants and cheerleading. Kylee’s older brother Adam is a member of the Toombs County High School wrestling team. Her father watches wrestling videos and teaches Kylee some of the techniques she uses in matches.

Slade is eight years old and he has been wrestling for about half of his life. Slade has won many matches against both city boys and country boys and he has competed at state in the Georgia Dome.

Slade McDonald gets for a match with father John
Slade McDonald takes on a Camden County wrestler