TCHS Red Coat Marching Band is preparing to bring a bigger sound to 2016


In the past band announcer Denise Rogers has always ended the Toombs County Red Coat Marching Band’s half time performance with the phrase, “The little band with the big sound.” In 2016 she will have to modify those words because the Redcoats are expanding in size. This football season the Toombs County Middle School band will perform with the Redcoats each Friday night making for a bigger band with a bigger sound.

In 2016 the Bulldogs will have two drum majors compared to the usual one. Robert Riner, who held the job for two seasons, will be replaced by Eduardo Delgado and Lauren Rollins. Eduardo is best remembered for his amazing drumming during last season’s rendition of the song “Fireball”. However, Delgado decided it was in the band’s best interest for him to give up the drums to be a drum major. “A goal for every band member should be to excel the band and I think I would serve the a better purpose by being a drum major and lead the whole band,” Delgado said during the fourth day of band camp. “It took a lot of hard work, you have a certain mindset to help the band and your conducting of the band has to be very good and I have a lot of practice for that.”

From left to right: Tyler Rollins, Christian Granjeno, Ashely Jeffers, Olga Reyes, and Rebekah Corbitt

This football season the Red Coats will perform some of the songs which mad Elvis Presley famous. “There are a bunch of different elements to it, a bunch of different dynamics,” Rollins said. “It is hard for each instrument, but I think we can pull it off.” Of course Lauren was born more than 20 years after Presley’s death on August 16, 1977. “My grandmother got me into Elvis. I actually have her record player, so I would listen to the Elvis  records. I am very much an Elvis fan.” Rollins is hoping for a sweet sound on Friday nights. “Just the best as it can be to get the audience into it and make them proud to have us represent them.”

From left to right: Austin Davis, Logan Hart, Hunter Bradford, and Taylor Lively

Senior Logan Hart will be playing the trumpet for his fourth football season and he has earned a solo during one of the fast Elvis songs. “I have had a solo before and that was on homecoming during the end, other than that this will be my first solo,” Hart said. “I feel like I have prepared enough for the past three years. I should be able to give a solid performance out there.” Logan says the brass section will be challenged more this season by the Presley music. “It should be a lot of runs for the trumpets this year. We haven’t really had that type of run, that quick as long as I have been in high school.


Incoming freshman Bryce Braddy will be one of the many new members of the Red Coat Band as he has brings his saxophone across the street to the high school. Braddy says there is a big difference between middle and high school plying. “You have a lot more to learn than you did in middle school,” Bryce said. “In middle school you basically learn the fundamentals and how to play your instrument and in high school you put that with marching and how to learn show and its a lot more broader aspect.”


Braddy describes the saxophones role as a support role in the band. “We don’t have the melody, but we sort of have the thing next to the melody. You have the lower brass and they play the bass of the song. The trumpets, flutes and clarinets usually have the melody. Saxophones and mellophones usually have something in between. In some of the songs we answer the melody.”

The Red Coats first regular season performance will be on August 19, in Booster Stadium, at half time of the Toombs County East Laurens game.