Toombs County Bulldog Soccer Banquet- Three All Region 1 AAA Players

A season after graduating, Gilbert Zamorano, the school’s all time leading scorer and a handful of talented seniors, the Toombs County Bulldog soccer team had an 8-6 2016 season. The Dawgs season came to an end in the opening round of the Region 1 AAA Playoffs with a tough 4-3 loss to Pierce County on penalty kicks. Three seniors  and three All Region 1 AAA players were honored at the TCHS Soccer Banquet at Chatters.

Carlos Orellana, pictured with head coach J.B. Cone, was named 1st team All Region 1 AAA
Jose Cerros was named second team All-Region 1 AAA
Gerardo Mendoza was named second team All-Region 1 AAA
Jose Montes won a Coaches Award
Carlos Ibarra won a Coaches Award
Felix Gomez won a Coaches Award
Senior Zane Longtin
Senior Daniel Montes
Senior Valentin Casas
Seniors from the left- Daniel Montes, Valentin Casas and Zane Longtin
Zane Longtin (with the ball) leads the Bulldogs offensive attack
Zane Longtin (with the ball) leads the Bulldogs offensive attack
Jose Cerros (fourth from the right in white) watches as another shot hits the back of the net

Toombs County Boys Soccer

Valentin Casas 13

Zane Longtin 12

Eddie Zamorano 9

Jose Cerros 6

Felix Gomez 18

Gerardo Mendoza 11

Carlos Orellana 10

Luis Sanchez 23

Lupe Roman 19

Gerry Tinoco 7

Rig Tinoco 24 (Goal Keeper)

Daniel Montes 17

Adolfo Cruz 25

Edgardo Aguilar 20

Erneido Cruz 25

Carlos Ibarra 4

Jose Rayon 16

Henry Aguado 26

Alex Gomez 5

Ricardo Santana 22

Christian Rodriguez 8