Micahlan Boney plays and sings on Y-101 Radio




She doesn’t talk like she is 14 years old or sing or play a multitude of instruments like she is just in her second year of being a teenager. However, Claxton’s Micahlan Boney is 14 and she is an award wining fiddle player who can also play the mandolin, banjo and guitar. Two weeks prior to her performance on Friday, October 9 at 4:30 p.m. in Lyons at the Real Squeal, she spent an hour on Y-101 Radio talking about her musical career and playing all four instruments and singing.

Micahlan also took phone calls and the unanimous opinion was she is an amazing performer with an unlimited future.

Micahlan sings and plays the mandolin
Micahlan sings and plays the mandolin
Micahlan works the fiddle
Micahlan works the fiddle on Y-101 Radio