The Boyett Report

Alex Boyett is a senior at Toombs County High School. He is now working as Sports information Specialist for the athletic department.

December 14, 2018

The Toombs County High School girls’ basketball team is still going
strong this season at 5-2.

With their hard-fought win against Bacon County in their last game at
40-31, the girls are giving this season their all and are working
hard to bring home a win for Toombs County.

K.K. Mobley, freshman point guard, leads the team offensively by 21
points per game. Junior Calvnika Davis leads the team in assists,
while Ashunti Campbell, junior at Toombs County High School, is
leading the team in rebounds. Freshman Ziahya Griffin, Sophomore Amya
Bullard, and Senior LiliAnn Pittman pull everyone’s strengths together
to form a team that will continue to pull in win after win.

Toombs will continue the season with their next game in Savannah
against Woodville-Tompkins High School on December 14 at 6:00 p.m.

November 5, 2018

TCHS Girl’s Basketball team kicked off their first official practice
Monday, Oct. 22, 2018. The team, made up of four returning players
and eight new players, has only one senior this year, LiliAnn Pittman.
With their two all-region players, Shakevia Knight and Christine
Mobley, graduated, Coach Walker is looking for contributions from all
returning players, Pittman, Ashunti Campbell, Calvnika Davis, and Amya
Bullard. The Lady Hoopdawgs have welcomed a new point guard this
season, Freshman KK Mobley. Mobley is expected to bring energy and
offense to the team this season and seasons to come. This year, the
team has more on the roster than ever and is ready to compete. Look
out everyone, here comes The Lady Hoopdawgs!