Knight wins her second state championship

Jalisha on the top spot of the podium after 100 meter hurdles win

Toombs County’s Jalisha Knight is a state champion one again. On Saturday afternoon, in Albany, she added the 100 meter hurdles title to the 300 meter hurdles championship which she won in 2010. Jalisha was the only Double A girl to run under 15 seconds. Knight’s 14.780 beat second place Nancy Price, of Screven County by .670 seconds. In her qualifying heat Knight beat Price by .660. Jalisha said she had to make up for a slow start, “My foot slipped before I even started and they all went ahead, however, once I saw that girl’s foot right beside me I took off and won by a hurdle and a half.”

Knight finished second in state in the 300 meters. Sandrika Simmons, of Therrell, won the race in 43.910 and defeated Jalisha by a little less than a second. Knight ran a 44.950, her personal best in this event. Knight said, “When I was going over the third hurdle I messed up the whole jump, so that slowed me down and then when we were going over the seventh hurdle my body shut down.” Thanks to Jalisha’s performance Toombs County placed 10th in Double A.

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