Elmira was a very popular caller to Y101.

Here are some archived appearances:

Meredith calms Elmira down- Meredith sang a song and calmed Elmira down on Y-101 Radio Audio   
Elmira and the cat- Elmira had a run-in with a cat on the Midday Memory Show on Y-101. The cat kept calling in and Elmira was trying to get it to scat. Audio
Elmira meets the French Guy- A man from France sent Elmira a bottle of wine and he met her on Y-101 Audio
Elmira’s birthday- Elmira celebrated her birthday on Y-101 and everything was going well until some stupid DJ played the wrong song and then the celebration turned into utter chaos Audio 
Elmira takes phone calls- Elmira took calls from many of her Y-101 radio fans on Christmas Eve Audio
Vic brings Elmira a gift- Vic, a Y-101 listener, was upset when Elmira did not phone in on her last check day. So, Vic bought Elmira an AT&T Go Phone and minutes for Christmas. Now Elmira can call into the Midday Memory Show no matter where she is. Audio
Elmira goes to a Christmas party- During the Midday Memory Show, on Y-101 Radio, Elmira went to the Christmas Party at the Wellness Center. Marcel McManus was the musical entertainment and he sang a Christmas song on Y-101. Audio  
Elmira likes new song- Y-101 Radio played a new gospel song by Marcel McManus, who works at the Wellness Center, and Elmira really liked it. Audio 
Singer Donna Fargo joined Barney and listener Elmira to talk about a variety of subjects Audio  At first Elmira thought it was a trick Audio But now she believes it Audio
Singer Cerrito made Elmira’s day by sending her his new CD “They Know You’re Gone” and a CD of country standards. Listen to Elmira discuss her gifts Audio  Cerrito Y-101 interview Audio  Elmira receives her gifts Audio
Jack Greene appears on Y-101 Radio- Greene the 1967 CMA Male Vocalist of the year was a guest on the Midday Memory Show. Elmira got to meet one of her favorite singers  Audio  
Elmira meets singer Ivan Parker on a recent edition of the Midday Memory Show  Audio  Elmira talks about Parker’s visit Audio Also, Ivan sent Elmira some CD’s and she talks about them and pudding Audio  

Not a thief- No, its just The Legend

The Legend picks up a radio and a bottle to take to Elmira

The Lawn Jockey delivers an Easter basket

Elmira gets an Easter Basket full of candy from the Lawn Jockey 

The Legend picks up and delivers

The Legend, wearing a red mask, picked up the Valentines Day gifts that the Lawn Jockey brought to Y-101 Radio and delivered them to Elmira. Watch the masked man in action Video

The Lawn Jockey brings Elmira gifts

The Lawn Jockey stops by Y-101 to bring Elmira her Valentines Day gifts. Audio Check out a prior Lawn Jockey visit Video     

Elmira gets a birthday cake

with help from “The Legend”

          Elmira’s singing card and cake     “The Legend” picks up the cake 
In anticipation of Elmira’s birthday, which is on Monday, January 19th, somebody dropped off a birthday cake and a singing card for Y-101’s most famous caller. The cake was placed on top of a 1991 Ford Taurus and then “The Legend”, Y-101’s second most famous caller, picked up the cake in a blue jeep and took it to Elmira. Watch surveillance video of this rare sighting of “The Legend”. Video  Listen to Y-101’s coverage of this big local story Audio

A rare sighting of “The Legend” 


Everybody wants to know who “The Legend” is, but very few know his true identity. Pictured above is the only known visual evidence that “The Legend” actually exists in Toombs County. Despite the fact that his face is covered does anybody recognize this unknown human?       

Snacks are saved by a Good Samaritan

On Wednesday, during Y-101 Radio’s Midday Memory Show (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.), The Legend brought a bag of snacks and placed them on a 1991 Ford Taurus. The host of the show was unable to go out and retrieve the bag of snacks because of his radio duties. He mentioned on the air several times that the snacks could easily be stolen. A Good Samaritan heard this and saved the snacks by removing them from the Taurus and taking them to the front door of Y-101. The Midday Memory Show would like to thank this kind person for saving the bag of snacks. Watch Y-101 surveillance video of this act of kindness Video  This happened during Elmira’s appearance on Y-101 Radio. Listen to her talk about her snacks and the Y-101 snacks Audio  

Also, thanks to The Legend for the Little Debbie Snacks which included 12 Oatmeal Creme Pies,12 Swiss Rolls and six Football Shaped Brownies. Each individually wrapped and quite tasty. 

The Legend also rode over on his motorcycle and delivered 233 Little Debbie Snacks to Elmira. Elmira discussed this amazing act of generosity on the Midday Memory Show  Audio    

 Elmira is reminded to call Y-101 Radio

The Legend (a Y-101 listener) arranged for a Vidalia gas station, located on 280, to use its neon sign to remind Elmira to call Y-101 Radio for her daily musical request on the station’s Midday Memory Show. Elmira was out and about paying bills, buying groceries and checking out CD’s. Elmira talks to Y-101 about her name being on the big sign Audio