A Scrimmage Repeat

The Toombs County High School baseball team reign victorious in their scrimmage game, which officially cut the ribbon to the start of the 2021 Season.

The Toombs County Bulldog baseball team was officially set to scrimmage the Treutlen County Vikings on Tuesday at 5:45 but inclement weather did not allow the commencement. Game day was moved to Thursday and the Bulldogs had a full seven inning scrimmage game beating the Treutlen County Vikings 11-1.

The Bulldogs did it in similar fashion as they did in 2020 – by beating the Vikings by ten runs and it started with a four-run first inning. Junior pitcher, Logan Knight faced four batters and handled the top of the first inning with three strikeouts. Offensively Senior Chase Musselman reached with a walk, Sophomore Will Watts had a double and Gray Stephens scored two runs on a deep hit to left field. Junior Bryson Stanley followed Stephens footsteps and hit a long shot in the opposite way, to right field and that scored Stephens and put the Bulldogs on top 3-0. Senior Foster Jones was in as the team’s extra hitter, and also had an RBI single. The inning ended with a called strike three.

The Bulldogs again scored four more in the second. The first person to score reached on an error by the pitcher and that was Sophomore Dawson Brantley. During the course of three at bats Brantley scored on a passed ball by Vikings catcher, Trace Peebles. At this point, Stanley is back up to bat and drives in Watts who reached on a HBP. Junior Jason Dukes had a 2-RBI single. The Bulldogs left the second inning leading 8-0.

The Vikings scored one in the top of the third by starting Viking pitcher, Logan Hughes. Hughes had a RBI single, which drove in the Viking’s extra hitter – David Blackshear. Blackshear reached on a walk.

In the bottom of the fourth, TCHS scored a run on an RBI single by Stephens. Stephens drove in Musselman who reached on an error.

In the bottom of the fifth, TCHS loaded up the bases with three straight walks. After a couple of K’s TCHS found themselves with the bases loaded and two outs on the board. Stanley was up to bat and had an RBI single to score a run. During the time it took for the line up to get to Stanley, Brantley (reached on a walk) stole home again.

The Bulldogs scored no more runs and held the game at 11-1.

Defensively TCHS gave up one error in the game.

Junior Logan Knight was the starting pitcher for TCHS. Knight pitched three complete innings – allowing one hit, one run (unearned), had seven strikeouts, and only had two walks. Musselman took the mound for TCHS in the fourth and fifth and had four strikeouts and gave up one walk. Transfer Caden VerSluis and Sophomore Gavin Hall each pitched a pair of innings.

Best Day Offensively: B. Stanley (3-3), G. Stephens (2-3)

The Bulldogs will kick off the regular season on February 16 at home versus the Dublin Fighting Irish.

~Bryce Braddy