GRPA and Lyons Recreation Department Updates

Usually during this time of year recreation baseball and softball are in full swing at local recreation departments. However, this year a pandemic of mass proportion struck and has flipped everyone’s life upside down. So what about the young people and the much anticipated recreation and all-star seasons?


The Georgia Recreation and Parks Association released a statement on April 13:

The State Athletic Committee met today (April 13) and voted to CANCEL all GRPA youth and adult Baseball/Softball (team) sports for 2020. Decision on GRPA Swimming/Golf/Tennis (individual) sports will be made when they have their meeting on May 8. Until a final decision for Swimming is made the April 23 and May 5 mandatory swim webinars have been postponed.

These decisions are unprecedented and certainly difficult to make. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic it is recommended/encouraged that recreation agencies meet the needs of their local communities, first and foremost, as they are able to do so.

If you have specific questions please reach out to a State Athletic Committee member



Under the GRPA decision this cancels all All Star games and tournaments for the 2020 summer. So there will be no District Tournament and no State Tournament for the summer of 2020. However this does not mean local leagues cannot one day start a recreation season.


Lyons Recreation Department Director James McGowan released a statement via the LRD Facebook Page:

To parents who have registered children for the 2020 Baseball/ Softball/ Tball season. The City is examining this unprecedented time. Our top priority is the safety of the Children followed closely by the need to provide quality of life activities for our citizens. We are in contact weekly with experts to help guide us through this maze of information. Following the governor’s latest order, we are discussing options for season play in the near future. However, those decisions will be scrutinized to assure that any organized sporting program is both authorized by the state, and assurances are made to keep the participants safe. That being said, if there is no foreseeable avenue for a local season, the City is committed to making its participants whole. The Director and City appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters. Please check back often as we will update you as soon as we have more details


Please keep check on the local news outlets or ToombNow1 for more updates on this. Everyday new information is unfolding and new decisions are being made.