D.R. Meadows extends his hitting streak to 7 games as CSU wins an 11th straight game

D.R. Meadows lost one streak while extending another in Columbus State University’s 8-1 home victory over West Georgia. The match up featured two top 25 teams in NCAA Division 2 baseball. CSU is ranked 11th and West Georgia 23rd. The Cougar win was their 11th straight.

Meadows entered the game having stroked two or more hits in six straight games. That run ended as he went 1-for-5. However, he did extend his overall hitting streak to seven games.

D.R. Meadows singles in a second inning run
D.R. Meadows takes second on a throw
D.R. Meadows is thrown out trying to steal 3rd base

After a fly out to right field in the first inning ,D.R. singled to right field and drove in a run- in the second inning- which put CSU up 4-1. Meadows took second on a throw to the plate. He was thrown out trying to steal third base. He is now 7-for-9 trying to steal a bag.

In the fourth inning Meadows grounded out to short and in the sixth he flied out to right field.

D.R. Meadows reaches on an 8th inning error

D.R.’s final at bat was in the eighth inning. He stepped to the dish with the bases loaded and two outs. He hit the ball hard to the left side and it was misplayed by the third baseman and two runs scored on the play.

Meadows is batting .305 with 3 doubles, 14 runs scored and 8 runs batted in.

D.R. Meadows gobbles up a grounder

At third base D.R. fielded five ground balls cleanly as his fielding percentage improved to .982.