Toombs County soccer opens up the regular season with a Booster Stadium win and a tie

The Toombs County High School soccer teams opened up the regular season- their first in Booster Stadium in 12 years- against Claxton. The Lady Bulldogs won their match 7-1 and the two boys teams played to a 2-all tie. 

“We had two goals scored by Ashley Venegas and Anyadi Colmanares. Jazmin Nahuaca, Rilyn Fitzgerald and Crystal Morales each scored a goal,” head coach Jeremy Moore said. “We were moving the ball around well and setting each other up better.”

For the second straight game the Lady Bulldogs yielded only one goal. They also beat Statesboro in a scrimmage game 2-1. “The defense was better, we worked on staying on our marks. We had a new girl playing defense tonight. We didn’t get much offensive attack from Claxton. We controlled most of the game, but when they did move forward we did better with our marks, Moore said.

Coming off an 8-1 scrimmage loss to Statesboro the Bulldogs scored two first half goals against Claxton.

“We scored two goals early on. Omar Aguilar scored one and Julian Marion-Vitale scored on a penalty kick. I felt we kind of backed off a little bit and they scored two before halftime. Nobody could score in the second half. I felt like we controlled the second half. We outshout them pretty substantially. We are early in the year and we haven’t hit our stride yet. That’s OK we want to hit it later in the year. Coming out without taking a loss is a good thing,” Moore said.

The Bulldogs had some scoring opportunities in the second half but they were missing the net. “The goalie made some good saves but we were predominately missing the net. I just don’t think we have gotten in a rhythm with our shooting. We are just trying to work this out in practice and give them as many hits in practice and try to get them comfortable again. You feel if it clicks they will start putting them in the back of the net,” Moore concluded.