Mincey scores 4 TD’s in a Bulldog 38-0 shutout at Bacon County

Junior running back D.J. Mincey scored four touchdowns and the Toombs County defense kept Bacon County off the scoreboard in a 38-0 Region 2 victory in Alma. The Bulldogs are 4-1 overall and 1-1 in the region.

Mincey rushed for 134 yards on 11 carries averaging 12.2 yards every time he touched the ball. The Bulldogs piled up a season-high 279 rushing yards averaging 9 yards per carry. Y-101 play-by-play

The shutout was the third one of the season for the Dawgs who also blanked Twiggs County and Hancock Central in their first to games.

The Raiders took the opening kickoff and drove from their 20-yard line into the red zone to the TCHS 11. Bacon County ran 13 offensive plays. However, they didn’t score. Bacon set up to attempt a 28-yard field goal, but instead the Raiders faked the 3-pointer and tried to throw a pass. The Bulldogs knocked the ball away and recovered the fumble squashing the Raiders best chance to score points on their homecoming night.

Mincey scored his first TD on a 7-yard run with 3:45 to play in the first quarter. His second on a 28-yard run 50 seconds into the second quarter. A third on an 18-yard run with 6:27 left in the second quarter and a fourth on a 1-yard run with 2:04 to play in the first half.

The Bulldogs Julio Almanza kicked a 34-yard field goal that hit the left upright and went through the goal post as the first half ended to give Toombs a 31-0 lead.

Brannon Usher scored the final TD of the night on a 2-yard run with 9:49 to play in the third quarter.

On their first scoring drive the Bulldogs traveled 74-yards in just five plays. Mincey ran for 10-yards and a first down, Chandler Lynn 29 and a second first down, D.J. broke a tackle and ran 27-yards down the Raider sideline to the 7 for a third first down before scoring his first touchdown on the next play off a Tyler Heath block.

A negative eight-yard punt by Bacon set the Bulldogs up with a short field as they took over at the Raider 46. Octavious Roberts ran 10-yards for a first down, Drekari Jones caught a pass for 3-yards and then MIncey took a direct snap and scored on a 28-yard run to push the Dawg lead to 14-0.

On their third possession the Bulldogs went three and out and Bacon did the same. A negative 5-yard Raider punt set up the Bulldogs the Bacon 18. After an incomplete pass Mincey scored his third TD on an 18-yard run. The PAT was no good and the Bulldogs had a 21-0 lead.

A 10-yard Bacon punt allowed the Bulldogs to start their fourth TD drive at the Bacon County 42. It took five plays to cross the goal line. Roberts caught a Trey Cloud pass for 16-yards and a first down. Mincey gained 17 and scored by going up and over from a yard out. Almanza kicked the extra point to extend the TCHS lead to 28-0.

The Bulldog defense stopped Bacon County with 19 second to play in the half. Cloud threw a screen pass to Mincey for a 40-yard gain down to the Raider 17 with seven seconds remaining. An incomplete pass left 1.1 seconds left on the clock and that is when Almanza came in to kick his first varsity field goal from 34-yards.

The Bulldogs scored their final touchdown on their first possession of the second half. Toombs trecked 65-yards. There were two 20-yard plays on a run by Usher and a catch and run by Mincey. Usher finished the drive with a 2-yard run with 9:49 to play in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was played with a running clock. 

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Pictures by J.D. Rogers

D.J. Mincey scores his first TD of the night
Me’Elle Marion catches a two-point conversion pass
Tyler Heath tackles Jarett Boatright
Blake Hall hits QB Terriyon Moore
D.J. Mincey heads to the end zone for is second TD
D.J. Mincey is in
Brannon Usher brings down Terriyon Moore
D.J. Mincey scores his third touchdown
D.J. Mincey
D.J. Mincey 
D.J. Mincey scores his 4th TD
Drekari Jones runs after a catch
D.J. Mincey breaks a tackle
Quarterback Josiah runs for a first down

Toombs County Statistics


    Comp Att Yds C % Avg TD Int Lng QB Rate
  Team Totals 8 15 110 .533 13.8   2 30 37.5
12 Trey Cloud (Sr) 6 12 96 .500 16.0   1 30 42.4
17 Josiah Smith (So) 2 3 14 .667 7.0   1 9 37.5
Toombs County


    Car Yds Avg Lng TD
  Team Totals 31 279 9.0 29 4
2 Tyler Smith (Sr) 1 4 4.0 4  
3 Chandler Lynn (Jr) 2 20 10.0 29  
9 Derrick Mincey (Jr) 11 134 12.2 29 4
17 Josiah Smith (So) 4 25 6.3 17  
24 O. Roberts (So) 2 18 9.0 17  
30 Brannon Usher (Jr) 7 62 8.9 19  
32 Tank Morris (Fr) 4 16 4.0 9  
Toombs County


    Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
  Team Totals 8 110 13.8 30  
6 Kevyn Rosales (Sr) 1 16 16.0 16  
9 Derrick Mincey (Jr) 2 49 24.5 30  
11 Drekari Jones (Sr) 1 3 3.0 3  
24 O. Roberts (So) 2 28 14.0 16  
25 Shauqae Gaffney (Sr) 2 14 7.0 9


        Tackles TFL
2 Tyler Smith     2  
3 Chandler Lynn (Jr)     5 1.0
4 Me’elle Merrion (Sr)     7 1.0
9 Derrick Mincey (Jr)     1  
11 Drekari Jones (Sr)     2  
15 Tyler Heath (Jr)     3  
18 Gage Herndon (So)     4  
20 Thomas Cloud (So)     1  
23 Blake Hall (Jr)     5  
24 O. Roberts (So)     1 1.0
25 Shauqae Gaffney (Sr)     3  
30 Brannon Usher (Jr)     4 3.0
32 Tank Morris (Fr)     10 1.0
52 C. Braddock (Jr)     1  
64 Chase Miller (Sr)     4  
66 Robert Kent (Jr)     4 1.0
77 Julio Almanza (Jr)     2


    Sacks Ydl Hurs
  Team Totals 3.0   8
18 Gage Herndon (So)     2
24 O. Roberts (So) 1.0   1
30 Brannon Usher (Jr)     1
32 Tank Morris (Fr) 1.0   1
66 Robert Kent (Jr) 1.0   3