The new Booster Stadium turf is here

The artificial turf is here

With 29 days remaining before the Toombs County Bulldogs play host to Benedictine in a scrimmage football game Booster Stadium is still in the process of transitioning from a natural turf to artificial turf facility.

The first area of turf was installed on July 18 in the center of the field. Other improvements include a reshaping of the south end zone area and Bulldog fans will no longer have to sit on hard concrete when the new seating is installed.

On May 18 the left corner of the south end zone is knocked down
One month later the grass is gone
On July 18 the new artificial turf is placed in the center of Booster Stadium
The remodeled south end zone
The visitors side of the south end zone
The home side of the Pit
The home side gets a face lift