Lyons Flea Girls win 4 straight games on Friday to take the District 1 Championship

2019 District 1 Champions- the Lyons Flea Girls

Due to the rain which soaked Southeast Georgia on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Lyons Flea Girls softball team had to wait until Thursday to play their first game in the District 1 Tournament at Effingham County. That game didn’t go so well for the 8 and under girls. They lost to Swainsboro 6-3 and that sent the team straight to the losers bracket.

Y-101 interview with coach Pittman and Braylin


To win the district championship Lyons would have to win five games in a row, including four straight on Friday and these girls did it and in each game they scored in double-digits.

Lyons beat Dublin 21-8, Vidalia 17-6 and Swainsboro 14-6 to move into a championship match up with an Effingham County team which had defeated Vidalia 10-6 and Swainsboro 18-10. However, against Lyons the home team didn’t hit double-digits combined in the two games played. Lyons won both games by the same 12-4 score to take the title.

“It was hot and by the fourth game it got to the girls, but when they realized it was the championship they were excited and they just kept playing,” head coach Becky Pittman said. “They were like one more game, just on more game. Just keep doing what you have been doing and if you do that, things will fall into place.”

These girls, when they are playing their game, excel on both offense and defense. “We all actually can hit the ball. There are a few who can hit the ball deep and then we have a lot of fast runners who can hit the ball and get on base because they can beat those throws. We have a great lineup.”

“Our defense I will have to give it to them they can really play. They get the outs when we need them,” Pittman said. The former Brewton-Parker softball player credits the infield for making good long throws and the outfield for not letting the ball get by them.

Braylin Pittman catches the ball at first base from her infielders and she made some good stretches in all the games to help her team. “Playing on Friday was fun. It was really hot and exciting and it got me pumped up,” Braylin said. “I caught balls to get the outs and I hit the ball and got the runners in. I was really excited.”

In addition to Braylin at first base, Raeann Smith plays second base, Mary Francis Stanley is at short, Lindy Morris third, Ella Herndon is the catcher and Kanijah Toby plays the pitchers position.

The outfielders are Annabelle Coe, Ella Haygood, Kylah Gay, Bella Otero, Landyn Johnson, Jerney Griffin and Layla Winge.

In the second Effingham win Gay stroked a double and a single, Morris had two singles, and Toby, Pittman, Coe, Otero and Winge each had a single

Assistant coaches are Ivan Herndon and former Toombs County Lady Bulldog shortstop Abigail Lynn.

Lyons starts GRPA State Tournament play on Tuesday, June 25 at 5:30 p.m. at Savannah’s Paulson Field 1. The All-Stars will play the District 2 Champion. This is a five-team tourney which ends on June 27 with the final round beginning at noon on Field 4.