Double-digit scoring Lyons Flea Boys add a District 1 Championship to their 2019 resume

2019 District 1 Flea Boys Champions- Lyons

The 8 and under Lyons Flea Boys All-Star baseball team can really swing the sticks. These boys know how to handle the pitching machine. In eight tournament games in both the Lyons Youth Tournament and the District 1 Tournament- both staged at Partin Park- they scored in double-digits in seven of their eight games played. Do that and you normally win the big trophy and that is what these sluggers did. In fact in a addition they also won two other tourney’s at Soperton and Vidalia.

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In the championship game of the district tourney Lyons scored 15 runs- against Dublin- in the first inning and the boys won 21-6.

Lyons scored 55 runs in four district games averaging 13.8 runs per game. In the Lyons Youth tourney they tallied 43 runs in four games for an average of 10.8.

This very fine offensive team also plays outstanding defense. They don’t give up the big inning. Opponents in the district tourney scored 4-3-3-6 runs for an average of 4 runs per game. In the LYT Lyons yielded 3-3-0-7 which comes to 3.4 runs per game.

Add the two tournaments together and Lyons scored 98 runs (12.3 per game) while allowing only 29 (3.6).

So how do these young players do it? “They call strikes,” head coach Adam Caraway said. “We encourage them to put the ball in play. At this age group a lot of good things happen when you put it in play. We tell them to hit the ball down and make them make an out. We have some really good base runners and they are really aggressive.”

“On defense we ask that they make the routine plays,” Caraway said. “That is what they have done. Of course they have made a lot of them that we didn’t think they could make. Cam Brown has been excellent at third base. Austin Quintero and the infield has really showed out. We have had some of the kids step up in the outfield, We have pushed those kids and they have come a long way in the last couple of weeks.”

The next tournament for the Lyons Fleas will be the big one. The GRPA State Tournament at Paulson Field in Savannah. This will be a 10-team tourney running from June 25-27. Lyons will open up against District 2-A Champ South Bryan on Tuesday, June 25 at 5:30 p.m. on Field 4.

The 57th Lyons Youth Tournament wraps up with the Lyons Flea Boys winning the big trophy