GRPA District 1 Tournament Scoreboard

Shaylin Stringler pitches the Lyons Midget Girls to a 16-1 win over Dublin.

Y-101 report on Tuesday’s action

Y-101 report on Thursday’s action


Flea Girls at Effingham County

Thursday’s scores

Swainsboro 6, Lyons 3

Lyons 21, Dublin 8

Friday’s game

Lyons 17, Vidalia 6

Lyons 14, Swainsboro 6

Lyons 12,  Effingham  4  The girls have qualified for the state tourney. They need one more win over Effingham to win the District 1 Championship.

Lyons 12, Effingham 4- Lyons is the District 1 Champion.


Mite Girls in Swainsboro

Monday’s games

Lyons 12, Vidalia 10

Effingham 11, Dublin 3

Swainsboro 19, Rincon 1

Swainsboro 17, Thomson-McDuffie 2

Tuesday’s games

Lyons 11, Effingham 5

Lyons 10, Swainsboro 9

Vidalia 20, Dublin 4

Vidalia 21, Thomson-McDuffie 5

Vidalia 14, Effingham 5

Thursday’s game

Lyons 10, Swainsboro 9- The girls are the District 1 Champions. Rayne Sears drove in Mackenzie Coursey with the game-winning run in the final inning.


Midget Girls at Partin Park

Monday’s game

Lyons 16, Dublin 1

Vidalia and Swainsboro rained out

Tuesday’s games

Vidalia 9, Swainsboro 8

Thursday’s game

Lyons 5, Vidalia 4- Vidalia scored four runs in the first to take a 4-0 lead and then Lyons scored five runs in the fifth to win the game. Brinley Miller drove in the tying and game-winning run with a hit. Casey Cantwell was the winning pitcher. Lyons has qualified for the state tourney and also moved into the championship round which begins on Friday at 4 p.m. The girls need just one win to be district champs.

Friday’s game

Lyons 11, Swainsboro 3- Lyons wins the District 1 Championship.


Junior Girls at Southern Pines in Dublin

Monday’s Games

Vidaila 13, Lyons 1

Dublin 15, Swainsboro 0

Tuesday’s game

Swainsboro 7, Lyons 3- Lyons finishes fourth and is eliminated from the tournament.


Flea Boys at Partin Park

Tuesday’s games

Lyons 12, Vidalia 4

Lyons 11, Swainsboro 3

Rincon 7, Dublin 4

Thursday’s game

Lyons 11, Rincon 3- Lyons has qualified for state and will play for the District 1 championship.

Friday’s game

Lyons 21, Dublin 6- Lyons is the District 1 Champion.


Mite Boys at Sweetwater Park at Thomson-McDuffie

Lyons 5, Swainsboro 4

Vidalia 2, Lyons 0

Friday’s game

Lyons 14, Washington County 5

Twin City 11, Lyons 10- Lyons finishes fourth in the district as the season comes to an end.


Midget Boys at Effingham County

Thursday’s games

Lyons 18, Rincon 3- Lyons scored 16 runs in the first inning. Cameron Ledford went 2-for-3 with a home run and Levy Martin also went 2-for-3.

Lyons 11, Thomson-McDuffie 9- Parker Stanley 2-for-2 with a walk and a run scored, Slade McDonald 1-for-2 with a walk and a run scored, Dylan Vetter 1-for-3 with two runs scored, Sam Sapp 1-for-4 with a triple and two runs scored, T.J. Stanley a walk and two runs scored, Tucker Braddy scored two runs and Cameron Ledford scored a run.

Friday’s game

Twin City 5, Lyons 2

Vidalia 13, Lyons 1- Lyons finishes in third place in the district and that ends their season,


Junior Boys at Ed Smith Complex in Vidalia

Tuesday’s games

Vidalia 9, Lyons 0

Lyons 12, Effingham 0

Swainsboro 12, Thomson-McDuffie 0

Thursday’s games

Lyons 7, Dublin 1

Lyons 3, Swainsboro 1- Lyons will play Vidalia for the District 1 Championship needing two victories to take it.

Friday’a game

Vidalia 8, Lyons 4- Lyons finishes second in the district and since a team has dropped out of the state tourney the Lyons Junior Boys will take that position in the bracket and they are now going to state.