Toombs County Athletic HOF 2018 Inductee- Jimmy Alexander

Jimmy Alexander dons a Lyons helmet while inducting coach Jacky Jones into the first class of the Toombs County Athletic HOF

Jimmy Alexander has accomplished a lot in his playing and coaching career in Toombs County. As a Bulldog football player, for Lyons High School, he was the starting quarterback on winning teams coached by Bill Schofill. He was an All-State QB, voted the best back and MVP of the 1964 2B West Championship Team and he started in all sports in his sophomore, junior and senior seasons.

After playing at ABAC and Austin Peay he was a coach and a vice principal during his 30-year career in education and on December 9, 2018 Alexander became a member of the Toombs County Athletic Hall of Fame.

Alexander has a razor sharp memory of his Bulldog football days back in the 1960’s and recalled some of the big games he played in during a Y-101 interview with coach Randy Callahan.

“As a Bulldog, the Vidalia game is really big,” Alexander said. “In the 1963 season we played the Indians and they were undefeated and we were 1-1-1. They had already beaten Bradwell Institute who won the other side of the region early in the season and were ranked in the top of the Class B state teams. We upset the Indians 20-13 (at Vidalia) which was their only loss that year. We faked a field goal and I threw a touchdown pass to Greg Wilkes (2017 Toombs County HOF inductee) who at the time was a sophomore.”

Greg Wilkes (left) and Jimmy Alexander (2nd from left) at Booster Stadium in 2015

Another victory in the 1963 season involved a lot of fate according to Alexander. “We defeated Hawkinsville 10-9 in our last game at then Booster Field. It was not Booster Stadium at the time. With roughly four minutes to go in the game Hawkinsville punted to our one-yard line. We were tied 7-7. On first down and 10 at our one, I called probably the dumbest play of my life. I called a toss sweep and pitched it to Greg Wilkes. Hawkinsville crashed the line and tackled him in the end zone for a two-point safety. I felt terrible for Greg when it occurred. I really felt how stupid I was to call that play.”

That is when fate intervened. “Here we are down 9-7 with three minutes to go in the game and we are kicking off to Hawkinsville from our own 20-yard line. From that point on it was unbelievable fate. We kicked off and held Hawkinsville. Then we drove the field and beat them on a 32-yard field goal. Fate really kicked in after that because Hawkinsville drove inside our 40 and threw a Hail Mary all the way down to our end zone. As fate would also have it we knocked the ball down in the end zone and it was me and Greg Wilkes. It was a life saver for both of us.”

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