6th Grade Toombs County Middle School Bullpups win back-to-back championships

For the second season in a row the 6th Grade Toombs County Middle School Bullpups won the league championship at Jeff Davis. Last year the Bullpups knocked off JD 16-7 and this season the winning score was 19-8. The Bullpups finish the season with a 6-2 record.

Pictures by Ashley Warf

Akeem Holland scores a 50-yard TD

Akheem Holland scored the first TCMS touchdown. He caught a screen pass and broke it 50-yards. “He did a great job catching it and making a defender miss, then bending it back to the sideline. His speed separated from them and he scored,” head coach John McDonald said.

D.J. Griffin caught the next TD pass from JuJu Cutler. “The pass was right before the half on a long vertical route. D.J. has been out the whole year with a ankle injury and was finally cleared and able to play the final game. D.J. played tailback and outside linebacker for us,” McDonald said.

“The third TD was scored by Dabvin Wadley on our Zoom sweep play. Then JuJu Cutler pushes it in for the extra point to give us 19.”

Mike Polke breaks away
The final, final score of a great season

“The biggest factor of the game had to be our defense. We held strong and contained there two running backs. Only time they scored came off a busted play when we had the kid for a tackle for loss and he wiggled out of it to score. Our offense fumbled the ball three times in our territory and one of those was close to our 10-yard line. Out of those three fumbles we gave up points only one time. That really showed me something. The kids never gave up and kept their composure,” McDonald added

Jordan Jones is on the run
JuJu Cutler blocks for Jordan Jones

“I had a special group of kids. It’s not easy coaching 40 11-12 year old boys, but it was very rewarding. Me and Coach Calvin Wilcox have seen these kids at there high and at there low points. We have seen them get in trouble and we have seen them get praise. We have chewed on them and we have loved on them. We demanded their best, their focus, we pushed them to succeed in the class room and we demanded that they show a certain standard in the discipline at school. We want these kids that we coach to dream like I once use to. We want to make a certain standard here at Toombs and it means that a football player’s worth is more than how you preform on the field. We want that kid to grow into a certain man. We use this sport as tool in that development. I see it in high school with our coaches now and I’m super excited for the future and these kids. Again they are special and I want these kids to know Coach McDonald is very thankful, proud, and blessed to be apart of their life. I want them to know I will always be watching and cheering for them, even if they don’t see me. I will always be in the shadows watching you.”

Assistant coach Calvin Wilcox talks to the Bullpups

“I want to thank my good friend Calvin Wilcox. He was so awesome to have on the staff. Kids loved him more than he can imagine. A true sign to a man is how he loves when no one is watching. Calvin loved on these kids like no other. We need more guys like Calvin. He bleeds the Red and Blue. He is a man of service and unselfishness. He truly wants kids at Toombs to do so well and that makes him smile. Love you coach and I’m proud of you.”

The Bullpups get set on the line of scrimmage
QB JuJu Cutler takes the snap
This was a hard hitting game
JuJu Cutler surveys his options
JuJu Cutler runs the ball
Both teams meet at the line of scrimmage
JuJu Cutler fakes a handoff
JuJu Cutler takes a knee at the end of the game