Toombs County Bulldog Senior Night versus the Swainsboro Tigers

The Toombs County Bulldogs will close out the regular season with a tough Region 2 game against the Swainsboro Tigers. The Region 2 Champions have not allowed an offensive touchdown in five region games. Seven Bulldogs will be honored before the game in a Senior Night Salute. This will  be the first group of Bulldog seniors to make the GHSA State Playoffs three straight seasons since the 2008 Dawgs did the same.

The Bulldogs are 3-2 in the region and going into the final week of action they are in third place. If they beat the Tigers they will finish third and they will hit the road in the first round of the playoffs against the number 2 team from Region 3. If they lose and Jeff Davis loses, at Metter, Toombs County will also clinch third place. If Jeff Davis wins and Toombs loses the Bulldogs will drop to fourth place which means they will draw the Region 3 champion in the first round of state. If Bacon County upsets Vidalia there will be other possibilities.

Y-101’s coverage of the Swainsboro/Toombs County game will begin at 7 p.m. and the kickoff will be at 7:30. The broadcast will be streamed on Mixlr.

Region 2 Standings

Toombs Co.
Jeff Davis
Bacon Co.
Bryan Co.

Last week’s scores

Swainsboro 15, Vidalia 8

Bacon County 21, Bryan County 3

Vidalia 20, Metter 7

This week’s schedule

Swainsboro at Toombs County

Metter at Jeff Davis

Vidalia at Bacon County

Region 3 Standings

Dodge Co,
Wash. Co.
Bleckley Co.
East Laurens

Last week’s games

Dodge County 35, Bleckley County 7

Washington County 48, Northeast 14

Southwest 50, East Laurens 13

This week’s games

Dublin at Washington County

Northeast at East Laurens

Southwest at Bleckley County

Coach Richie Marsh talks about his seniors

Demetius Owens- “His story is a story you don’t come across too many times in your career, ” coach Richie Marsh said. “The old saying it’s not where you start, it’s how you finish is what they need to put under his senior picture. He is the breath of our team, he is the energy. He is so unselfish in what he is willing to do for his team. It is all about the team with him. I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do with him in his adult life. I am very anxious to see where he ends up in his career because I just really think he is going to be crazy encouragement to many people.”

Rushing- 106 carries, 499 yards (4.7) 7 TD’s Long 26

52 total tackles, 5 TFL’s and 2 fumble recoveries for 29 yards

Ashlee Ashley- “Ashlee and Demetrius are just like brothers. They have played off each other so well. Ashlee was the guy, when he was younger, who gave the seniors fits and now as a senior he is the guy who is always willing to lend a helping hand. He plays where ever he is needed. He has turned into a really, really, really good defensive player. We have always loved him as a receiver. He has just been phenomenal in the role he has played with this team and not just this year, but for last year’s team also.”

12 catches for 137 yards (11.4) Long 32 and 1 TD

35 total tackles, 1 TFL and 1 kickoff return for 22 yards

Raekwon Powell- “Raekwon Powell has been a guy who has stuck with it the whole time I have been here. He has showed up. I think he has gotten perfect attendance two times. He is always the talk of the team. He makes practice very, very fun to be a part of. I think every day he makes us better because of his energy and personality.”

12 catches for 137 yards (11.4) Long 32 and 1 TD

17 total tackles, 1 TFL and 1 punt return for 5 yards

Cole Graham- “Cole Graham has been I guy that I know loves baseball, but he has played such a crucial role with this football team and we talked about it when he was younger. Cole it is going to happen. The team is going to have to have you in the role that you play. It is going to be so important to how the team does each Friday night and that is exactly what has happened this year. His role is a role you can’t do without. He has been very valuable to us offensively and on special teams. He is very talented in that area. I believe he has turned into what you want a senior to be for your football team. I think he has been that this year. So, I am very proud of him.”

7 catches for 133 yards (19.0) Long 39 and 2 TD’s

22 punts for 711 yards (32.3) Long 47  6 inside the 20

Nick Swaringim- “Nick Swaringim has stuck in there for the three years that we have been here. You can guarantee that you can count on Nick Swaringim. You talk about how everybody on the team is so important. The role Nick has played is the definition of that because he is so dependable and he has helped make us better everyday. I believe he has gotten better. I hope that the time that he has spent here has encouraged him as a person graduating from high school and that he is going to have plans and he is going to have the fortitude to go after them and chase one of his passions.”

Trayvon Wiggins- “Tray Wiggins, I remember he was the little squatty one in the corner of the weight room. When I first got here he didn’t say much. Now he gets in the squat rack on Monday and he is the strongest kid we got in the lower body. When he is on, he is on and there have been nights where he has just played fantastic. He does so much with so little. Hopefully, he is going to be a Zell Miller graduate and he is going to take the things that he learned here and the grind that he has learned to accept and he is going to go on and be a phenomenal father.”

6 total tackles, 1 TFL and 1 forced fumble

Swainsboro at Toombs County

The Swainsboro Tigers have reeled off five region wins in a row and four have been by shutout. Only the Vidalia Indians have scored points against the Tigers. Six points on a blocked punt and a return and two on a two-point conversion. “They are region champs,” coach Marsh said. “They have earned the right to be that and we are very excited to get the opportunity to play them. They have always been sound. They have 11 athletes out there and they do a great job. Number one being sound and number two they run the line so well. They get a lot of people to the football. Usually some teams, especially on this level, maybe they will have a couple of studs on the defensive front and their linebackers aren’t very good or they have weak sisters in the secondary. This team, they are solid all the way across the board. They have a defensive line that is strong and can hold the point. They have linebackers behind them that can run very, very well. Obviously they have been hungry to do what they have done defensively. They definitely have earned the right to call themselves region champs.”

The Swainsboro offense skews toward the passing game more than the running game. The Tigers have passed for 1886 yards this season while rushing for 1080. They have scored 25 touchdowns through the air and nine on the ground. In their five region games quarterback Kade Youmans has completed 81-of-118 passes. That 68.6 percentage rate is actually better than Tua Tagovailoa’s (University of Alabama quarterback) career completion rate of 68.1.

“I have known coach (Scott) Roberts for a long, long time. He was at Cairo when I was at Thomasville. First of all he is a really good football coach and number two he really knows what he wants in a quarterback. It doesn’t take long when you put on the video to know he has a plan with that position and he operates it so well. He has the Youmans kid back there that he really trusts and you can tell that he has given him control of the offense. He does a great job placing that ball where it needs to be placed. They have a vertical passing game, they have a short passing game. They make you honor the deep ball and then they throw it out there in the flats and he gets it out there quick and the kids are able to move the chains with it. They are a really good football team and they have had a great season so far.”

Sustaining drives offensively has been a priority for the Bulldogs and they will try to be the first Region 2 team to start and finish a drive for points against the Tigers this season. “We have just got to become a better football team. The reason you go to practice every week is not to stay the same, but to find a way to get better. I have just been excited with our team that they had an off week last week and it being so late in the season and not knowing how that is going to work. I am just proud of our kids that they came to work and try to find a way to get better as a football team and I think we are getting better. We are going to have to go out there and it is going to be a huge test. Your not going out there as any type of warmup game, it is the tenth game of the season. It’s the game prior to the playoffs. We have got to be a better football team than we were two weeks ago (35-14 loss at Jeff Davis). Defensively we have given up a lot of points (22.5 per game) and that is very uncharacteristic of us. It has got to be about how we respond to that. I hope our kids respond to that in a way that you can tell that there is a hunger in them or an attitude in them to be a better football team than we were two weeks ago.”

The Bulldogs lose one of their biggest fans

For years he posted as Wingmandogfan on different high school football forums. He also was there supporting his Toombs County Bulldogs no matter where he was physically. You see the Wingman a 1976 graduate of Lyons Senior High school served in the military and many times he had to keep up with his Dawgs from 7,500 miles away in the Middle East in countries like Kuwait. The Wingman passed away on October 28th. A real big Gooo Dawgs in memory of Wingmandogfan.

2013 Y-101 Radio interview with Wingmandogfan

Swainsboro 15, Metter 0 at Swainsboro

Swainsboro took the opening kick off and drove five plays and 65-yards and the Tigers scored on a 27-yard run to take a 6-0 lead. For the rest of the first quarter Swainsboro sacked the quarterback for a nine-yard loss on fourth down and 11 and then the Tigers lost a fumble.

Kade Youman’s 50-yard punt set up Metter at the Tiger five-yard line and two plays later K.J. Starnes came from the right side of the Swainsboro defensive line unblocked and sacked the quarterback eight-yards deep in the end zone, for a safety giving the Tigers an 8-0 lead early in the second quarter.

Swainsboro took over after the free kick at Metter 43. A 24-yard run by Robert Allen moved the ball down to the Tiger two-yard line. However, a Swainsboro penalty moved the ball back to the 18 and Youmans threw a TD pass on the next play. Wide receiver R.J. Phillips lined up in a trips formation to the right and he was left free to make the catch at the five-yard line. The extra point increased the Swainsboro lead to 15-0.

Kade Youmans 17-for-27 (63%) 1 TD and 1 interception

Robert Allen 21 carries for 130-yards (6.2) Long 38 and 1 TD

R.J. Phillips 5 catches 46-yards and 1 TD

Swainsboro 15, Vidalia 8 at Vidalia

The Indians drove down to the 18 on their first possession and had a fourth down and three situation. They came up one-yard short of picking up the first down on a two-yard run by left wingback Chris Gay,

Swainsboro put together a 12 play, 86-yard drive. Quarterback Kade Youmans completed a pass for seven-yards and then on third down and three he broke three tackles and scrambled for 20-yards and a first down. In all he completed six-of-seven passes on the drive including a two-yard completion on first and goal from the Vidalia two-yard line. From the left hash the right-handed quarterback rolled to his right and hit his slot receiver Ja’von Brown. The junior caught the ball at the two-yard line and ducked under an Indian tackler and scored his first touchdown of the season. Vidalia was penalized for having too many men on the field for the extra point and so the Tigers decided to go for two-points. Youmans had three receivers to his right and one to the left and in a one-on-one with a corner he threw a perfect fade pass to Cedric Seabrough in the left corner of the end zone giving Swainsboro an 8-0 lead in the second quarter.

Youmans led the Tigers downfield on their next possession and he just missed Brown on a hitch and go for a touchdown on second down and four from the Vidalia 23-yard line. On third down he rolled to his left and threw a pass which was deflected by an Indian defensive back into the hands of teammate Bryce Davis. Youmans threw a second interception seconds before halftime. He tried to complete a slant pass which was well defended by the Indians and James Outler leaped and picked the pass and returned it 19-yards to the Tiger 36. Vidalia threw one long ball which was knocked to the ground by a Swainsboro defender, a yard deep in the end zone, and the half ended with Swainsboro leading 8-0.

On the Tigers first possession of the second half they moved from their 10 to the Indian 30 and the drive ended on a fourth and five pass which was broken up by Garrett Gillis. Vidalia had a drive stall at the Swainsboro 31- a fourth and 10 pass to Gay was knocked away by Deondre Miles inside the five-yard line.

The Tigers were forced to punt on fourth and 13 from the Vidalia 46. The Indians rushed Bryant Phillips from the left and Raymond Collins from the right. Phillips jumped up and blocked the kick and Collins scooped up the ball, on a waist high bounce at the Tiger 36 and ran it in for a big special teams touchdown. The Indians second one of those in two weeks. QB Marc Wardlaw rolled out to his right and hit Cailyn Jordan with a pass for the two-point conversion which tied the game at 8-all.

Swainsboro punted the ball down to the Vidalia nine-yard line and on third down and one a,t the Vidalia 18, Gay fumbled and Swainsboro recovered in the red zone at the Indian 20. On first down Youmans completed a 15-yard pass for a first down to the five-yard line. On second down Robert Allen ran the ball the final five-yards for the winning TD. The Tigers Cole Bell kicked the PAT to propel Swainsboro to a 15-8 lead.

Vidalia returned the kickoff to the 29 and three plays later Tahjah Watts fumbled a pitch and the Tigers recovered. Swainsboro ran two plays and picked up a first down and then Youmans took two knee downs to end the game.

Kade Youmans 21-for-32 (65.6%) 144-yards 1 TD and 2 interceptions

Robert Allen 11 carries for 43-yards (3.9) and 1 TD

Javon Brown 3 catches for 16-yards and 1 TD

Swainsboro 14, Jeff Davis 0 at Swainsboro

Jeff Davis picked up two first downs on runs two and 15-yards by Emanuel Rumph and a third first down run by Rumph was called back by a penalty. Swainsboro did not pick up a first down on it’s first possession. The Yellow Jackets went three and out on their second possession and then had their punt blocked. Swainsboro took over at the JD 46 and Kade Youmans, on the first play, threw a 46-yard TD pass to Ja’von Brown. Cole Bell kicked the PAT to give Swainsboro a 7-0 lead with 1:41 to play in the first quarter.

On the Yellow Jackets last drive of the first half they drove from their 16 to the Tiger 19. With time running out the Jackets tried a halfback pass and Rumph’s throw was intercepted in the end zone and it was returned 100-yards and would have been a touchdown except for a illegal block by Swainsboro. After several timeouts the Tigers tried a running play and the half ended with Swainsboro leading 7-0.

Swainsboro drove 67-yards overcoming penalties and picking up a first down on a JD penalty on fourth and one at the Yellow Jacket 12. Kade Youmans threw a five-yard TD pass and with the PAT Swainsboro lead Jeff Davis 14-0 with 7:58 to play in the game.

Kade Youmans 11-for-16 (68.8%) 133-yards 2 TD’s

Robert Allen 10 carries for 53-yards (5.3)

Javon Brown 1 catch for 46-yards and 1 TD

Swainsboro Tigers Official Statistics


Robert Allen 73 carries for 413-yards (5.7) Long 38 and 4 TD’s


Kade Youmans 130-for-235 (55.3) 1881-yards  25 TD’s and 5 interceptions


R.J. Phillips 35 catches for 661-yards and 11 TD’s

Cedric Seabrough 29 catches for 352-yards and 4 TD’s

Ja’von Brown 26 catches for 446-yards and 8 TD’s

Toombs County Bulldog Official Statistics after 9 games


D.J. Mincey 92 carries, 618 yards (6.7) 10 TD’s  Long 40

Demetrius Owens 106 carries, 499 yards (4.7) 7 TD’s Long 26

Trey Cloud 33 carries, 126 yards (3.8) 1 TD  Long 22

Silas LeGrant 14 carries, 99 yards (7.1) Long 61

Caleb Harley 1 carry, 2 yards

Ashlee Ashley 1 carry, 1 yard

Octavious Robinson 1 carry, 2 yards

Chandler Lynn 1 carry, -4 yards

Kodi Cortez 2 carries, -16 yards

Josiah Smith 4 carries, -34 yards

Total 257 carries, 1313 yards (5.1) 18 TD’s


Trey Cloud 79-for-171 (46.2%) for 1283 yards  10 TD’s and 5 interceptions


Chandler Lynn 49 catches for 731 yards (18.3) Long 52 and 4 TD’s

Ashlee Ashley 12 catches for 137 yards (11.4) Long 32 and 1 TD

Raekwon Powell 10 catches for 152 yards (15.0) Long 44 and 1 TD

Cole Graham 7 catches for 133 yards (19.0) Long 39 and 2 TD’s

Tyquan Toby 3 catches for 59 yards (19.7) 1 TD

Tyler Smith 2 catches for 44 yards Long 37

J.D. Myers  1 catch for 11 yards and a TD

Demetrius Owens 2 catches for -6 yards


Cole Graham 22 for 711 yards (32.3) Long 47  6 inside the 20

Chandler Lynn 10 punts for 302 yards (30.2) Long 38  1 inside the 20


Rafael Perez 27-for-30 PAT (90.0%)   0-3 FG missed 29-yards, 27-yards, 27-yards

Caleb Hartley 0-for-1 FG missed 43 yards


# GP Tot Tckls T/G TFL
Season Totals 9 562 62.4 49.0
1 C. Hartley (Jr) 9 100 11.1 9.0
2 T. Smith (Jr) 8 35 4.4 3.0
3 C. Lynn (So) 9 66 7.3 1.0
4 M. Merrion (Jr) 4 3 0.8
5 D. Owens (Sr) 9 52 5.8 5.0
6 K. Cortez (Fr) 7 7 1.0
8 A. Ashley (Sr) 8 35 4.4 1.0
9 D. Mincey (So) 9 63 7.0 2.0
10 R. Powell (Sr) 9 17 1.9 1.0
11 J. Myers (So) 2 1 0.5
15 T. Heath (So) 9 19 2.1 3.0
17 J. Smith (Fr) 7 13 1.9
22 S. Legrant (Fr) 4 1 0.3
24 O. Robinson (Fr) 4 3 0.8
25 S. Gaffney (So) 5 8 1.6 1.0
30 B. Usher (So) 9 41 4.6 9.0
32 B. Stanley (Fr) 5 6 1.2
33 D. Harris (Fr) 3 3 1.0
42 D. Malone (So) 7 18 2.6 4.0
52 C. Braddock (So) 8 16 2.0 3.0
57 H. Smith (So) 6 2 0.3 1.0
64 C. Miller (Jr) 6 3 0.5
66 R. Kent (So) 9 33 3.7 4.0
78 T. Wiggins (Sr) 6 6 1.0 1.0
79 A. Brown (Jr) 7 2 0.3


# GP Sacks Ydl S/G Hurs
Season Totals 9 6.0 44 0.7 11
Graph Data
1 C. Hartley (Jr) 9 1.0 6 0.1 7
17 J. Smith (Fr) 7 1
30 B. Usher (So) 9 4.0 27 0.4 2
42 D. Malone (So) 7 1.0 11 0.1
66 R. Kent (So) 9

Scoring by quarters

1 2 3 4 Total
Toombs County 27 85 69 28 215 (23.9)
Opponents 66 49 43 42 203 (22.5)

Past Toombs County/Swainsboro games

2017 Season

Bulldogs open up 19-0 lead and hold on to a 32-22 Senior Night win over Swainsboro to the finish regular season at 9-1

2016 Season

Bulldogs fall to fourth place after 26-21 loss at Swainsboro

2009 Season

Bulldogs’ season ends with home loss

Swainsboro senior quarterback Malcom Eady scored a short touchdown and threw a long TD pass in the second half as the Swainsboro Tigers pulled away and ended the Toombs County Bulldogs’ season with a 21-0 win in the Pit.

Tiger running back Shaquille Cowart scored the only touchdown in the first half on a five yard run with 4:54 to play in the second quarter.

2008 Season

“No Quit” Dawgs are going to the playoffs

I-Dawgs outscore throwing Tigers

The Toombs County Bulldogs trailed Swainsboro 16-7 at half and 24-14 with 4:28 to play in the third quarter. However, the “No Quit” Dawgs rallied and scored 22 fourth quarter points in a 43-30 win that secured third place in Region 3 and a trip to the playoffs. Senior tailback Demery Hawkins scored three touchdowns and a two-point conversion and junior tailback Tory Lamb scored twice including the go-ahead TD with 4:55 to play. The Bulldogs finally put the game on ice with an A.J. Fletcher interception and a long touchdown run by Lonzo Skinner.

Swainsboro junior quarterback Malcolm Eady threw two touchdown passes and ran for two scores. The 7-3 Bulldogs finish the regular season by winning five straight games.

Y-101 Story

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1st Quarter

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3rd Quarter

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