The Bulldogs wrap up the first half of their Region 2 schedule with a trip to Bryan County


On Friday the 4-2 Toombs County Bulldogs will play their third Region 2 game at Bryan County. The Dawgs are the only 2-0 team in the region. Vidalia and Swainsboro are both 1-0. Bryan County is 1-4 overall and 0-2 in region games. The Bulldogs have won 7-of-8 games played in the series against the Redskins which dates back to 1998. The only loss was in triple overtime in 2013 in Booster Stadium- 34-27. In their seven wins Toombs County has not allowed the Redskins to score more than one touchdown. Toombs County Football Page

The game will be broadcast on Y-101 Radio and streamed on Mixlr. The pregame show begins at 7 p.m. and the kickoff is at 7:30.

The Redskins only victory stopped an 11 game losing streak which dated back to the 2016 season. Bryan County went 0-9 in 2017 including a 42-7 loss to Toombs County in Pembroke. This season the Redskins beat Long County 28-14 at home. Terron Dixon scored all four Redskin touchdowns on runs of 29, 16, one and 62-yards while rushing for 249-yards.

Bryan County has lost Claxton 28-6, Savannah Country Day 35-7, Vidalia 54-8 and Jeff Davis 54-21. Last week at JD Dixon scored on runs of 44, 17 and 89-yards and he racked up 201-yards on just 14 carries. Watch Highlights

Toombs County coach Richie Marsh talks about Bacon and Bryan

In their 42-21 win over Bacon County the Bulldogs were dynamic on offense. They rushed for 149-yards and passed for 275 for a total of 424-yards. Plus they made big plays, eight for more than 20-yards. Cole Graham caught passes for 30 and 39-yards, Chandler Lynn snagged tosses for 22, 51 and 29-yards, Demetrius Owens ran for 27-yards, D.J. Mincey for 40 and Raekwon Powell had a 45-yard reception. “We have put a lot of emphasis on trying to be a better offense and trying to be more consistent,” head coach Richie Marsh said. “More explosive plays and that has to do with Trey being able to do the things he did this past week. Not panicking in the pocket and obviously there were some players who made some great snags like the one Cole Graham made that easily could have been intercepted and Cole just took it from the kid. So It is just guys playing with more confidence and growing up a little. Those guys haven’t been in those spots and now they know they are being counted on. The newness has hopefully worn off some and they are just more comfortable in what they are being asked to do and they can do it with a lot of confidence. They know they are going to have to do that for us to be a better football team.”

In his first four starts at quarterback (all this season) Trey Cloud completed 33-of-his-82 passes (40.2%). In his last two games he has connected on 20-of-33 (60.6%) including 11-of-17 (68.8%) against Bacon County. “We dropped a lot of balls in the earlier part of the year that if they would have been caught those numbers would have been drastically different. That is the first improvement that has been made and the second improvement is Coach (Jared) Hamlin in that off week (before the Metter game) along with coach (Mike) Owens and the offensive staff really set down and looked at what we can do well. What is a more high percentage? We knew we were under 50% with our completions and ultimately we want to be around 60 and that’s the thing they began to focus on in practice and that is what we have to continue to focus on are the things that allow us to be successful and it is huge that the receivers have caught the balls that Trey has put in their hands.”

Against Bacon, Mincey recorded Toombs County’s first 100-yard rushing game of the season, 104-yards on just 10 carries. “He is growing up mentally as much as physically. I think physically when he starts to understand that the strength of his lower body and how special that is there will be more games like that.”

On defense the Bulldog defense yielded a touchdown on a 10-yard Bacon County drive early in the first quarter and then for the next 41 minutes of game time the Dawg D didn’t allow another TD and that last one Bacon scored was against the junior varsity. Both of those touchdowns were set up by mistakes in the punting game. “We talked all week about being ready because we thought Bacon was going to be much more determined than they were because they were coming off that win over Jeff Davis which was a great win for that program, that was a great region win and they were 1-0 and they took the ball and bam, bam, bam they are in the end zone and we are doing things that are not very characteristic of who we want to be. To be honest just looking them in the eye I don’t know if it bothered them as much as it bothered us. They came back with the right attitude and started playing ball. We had some set backs in the special teams that just gives us a bad, bad taste in our mouth. We worked so hard on making our punt team better and then to have that set back. We just need to make sure we put that behind us and we have worked hard this week to make sure we get those things corrected and hopefully that will show this Friday night. We have to be clean with what we do this Friday night playing the team we do. The last thing we want to be is sloppy like we were in the second half of that game Friday.”

The Bulldogs have been playing a lot of young guys in significant minutes. Sophomore Tyler Heath has been playing in the secondary, freshman Bryson Stanley on defense and sophomore Robert Kent has been on both sides of the line of scrimmage. “With such a small junior and senior class. We told those guys early on that they were going to be counted on, it was just a matter of time. Early in the season we were playing so many kids both offensively, defensively and even on special teams. We had to deal with some of them bruised and battered kids during the season and those (younger) kids got to practice and get a lot of reps and those were the ones that kind of said, ‘look coach I think you can count on me.’ So, when that happens you want to give those kids a chance to play. Tyler and Bryson were two of five or six that really just stepped up and said coach, I can do this. When they do that you want to get them in a game. Robert Kent has been a mainstay since the beginning. We knew coming out of last year that he was going to be one of our 11 on defense. He has been big for us all along and now he is having to play some offense too. He’s got the right heart and his work ethic is just phenomenal. Just so many good things are going to happen to him because of the things that he does away from the rep that he takes on the field. He just does a lot of things that plays into him being good.”

With a win on Friday the Bulldogs will be the first team with a 3-0 Region 2 record with three games to play at home against Vidalia, at Jeff Davis and in the Pit versus Swainsboro. “You talk about the third win and it is the third win in the region. The wins and losses in the region have everything to do with if you get to play in the dance and our goal is to always get an opportunity to dance at the end of the season. We have got to make sure that we understand how important this game is because it has the region standings tied to it.”

Bryan County’s Terrell Dixon is one of the most talented and fastest players in Region 2. The 5-9 165 pound senior, who wears number 2, runs the 40 in a listed 4.55, but he looks a lot faster than that we he is running away from your defensive secondary like he did on two long runs at Jeff Davis. “He is a dynamic player, he is very explosive. We have got to make sure that we take care of him because he can hurt you quickly and multiple times. He is special. He is just one of those guys, he is a baller. It looks like he loves the game. You have always got to be aware of where he is at and at all times both offensively and defensively.”

Coach Marsh not only wants the Bulldogs to play hard and well on Friday nights, but he also wants them to excel each day in practice. “Monday it looked like we were and then Tuesday we took a step back more mentally than we did as far as the football part, the physical part of it. Hopefully, we will get that corrected and go out and make sure that our minds are prepared to make this thing happen because it is a huge region contest.”

Toombs County Bulldog Official Statistics after 5 games


D.J. Mincey 63 carries, 389 yards (6.2) 7 TD’s  Long 40

Demetrius Owens 72 carries, 322 yards (4.5) 5 TD’s Long 26

Silas LeGrant 9 carries, 75 yards (8.3) Long 61

Trey Cloud 23 carries, 87 yards (3.8) 1 TD  Long 20

Caleb Harley 1 carry, 2 yards

Ashlee Ashley 1 carry, 1 yard

Octavious Robinson 1 carry, 2 yards

Cole Graham 1 carry for 1-yard

Chandler Lynn 1 carry, -4 yards

Kodi Cortez 1 carry, -13 yards

Josiah Smith 4 carry, -34 yards

Total 177 carries, 833 yards (4.7) Long 61  13 TD’s


Trey Cloud 53-for-115 (46.1%) for 844 yards  6 TD’s and 3 interceptions


Chandler Lynn 28 catches for 460 yards (16.4} Long 51 and 2 TD’s

Ashlee Ashley 10 catches for 118 yards (11.8) Long 32 and 1 TD

Cole Graham 4 catches for 91 yards (22.8) Long 39 and 1 TD

Raekwon Powell 4 catches for 74 yards (18.5) Long 44

Tyquan Toby 3 catches for 59 yards (19.7) 1 TD

Tyler Smith 1 catch for 37 yards

J.D. Myers  1 catch for 11 yards and a TD

Demetrius Owens 2 catches for -6 yards


Cole Graham 19 for 651 yards (34.3) Long 47  6 inside the 20

Chandler Lynn 6 punts for 209 yards (34.8) Long 38  1 inside the 20


Rafael Perez 18-for-20 PAT (90%)   0-2 FG missed 29 yards, 27 yards

Caleb Hartley 0-for-1 FG missed 43 yards


# Athlete Name GP Tot Tckls T/G TFL
Season Totals 6 384 64.0 40.0
1 C. Hartley (Jr) 6 77 12.8 9.0
2 T. Smith (Jr) 5 22 4.4 2.0
3 C. Lynn (So) 6 43 7.2 1.0
4 M. Merrion (Jr) 3 3 1.0
5 D. Owens (Sr) 6 32 5.3 4.0
6 K. Cortez (Fr) 4 7 1.8
8 A. Ashley (Sr) 6 21 3.5
9 D. Mincey (So) 6 46 7.7 2.0
10 R. Powell (Sr) 6 15 2.5 1.0
11 J. Myers (So) 2 1 0.5
15 T. Heath (So) 6 11 1.8 2.0
17 J. Smith (Fr) 4 4 1.0
24 O. Robinson (Fr) 3 2 0.7
25 S. Gaffney (So) 2 5 2.5
30 B. Usher (So) 6 31 5.2 8.0
32 B. Stanley (Fr) 3 5 1.7
42 D. Malone (So) 4 13 3.3 4.0
52 C. Braddock (So) 5 7 1.4 2.0
57 H. Smith (So) 4 1 0.3 1.0
64 C. Miller (Jr) 4 2 0.5
66 R. Kent (So) 6 23 3.8 3.0
78 T. Wiggins (Sr) 3 2 0.7
79 A. Brown (Jr) 5 2 0.4


# Athlete Name GP Sacks Ydl S/G Hurs
Season Totals 6 5.0 43 0.8 9
1 C. Hartley (Jr) 6 1.0 6 0.2 7
30 B. Usher (So) 6 3.0 26 0.5 2
42 D. Malone (So) 4 1.0 11 0.3 0

Scoring by quarters

1 2 3 4 Total
Toombs County 21 43 55 21 146 (24.3)
Opponents 28 35 29 21 116 (19.3)


Region 2 Scores

Toombs County 42, Bacon County 21

Jeff Davis 54, Bryan County 21

Swainsboro 15, Metter 0

Vidalia was off

Region 2 Standings

Toombs County 2-0

Swainsboro 1-0

Vidalia 1-0

Bacon County 1-1

Jeff Davis 1-1

Metter 0-2

Bryan County 0-2


Region 2 Schedule

4-2 Toombs County at 1-4 Bryan County

5-1 Jeff Davis at 5-0 Vidalia

3-2 Swainsboro at 1-5 Bacon County

Metter is off

Past Toombs County vs. Bryan County Games

The Bulldogs have won 7-of-8 against Bryan County

Bulldogs take care of business at Bryan County, up next Benedictine and a showdown for 1st in Region 2

Toombs County Bulldogs open Region 2 play with a well executed 41-7 win over Bryan County

Bulldogs fall in 3OT thriller

Overtimes in recent seasons haven’t been kind to the Toombs County Bulldogs. Back in 2003 the Dawgs lost to Brooks County 26-20 in OT in the first round of the state playoffs in the Pit. Then in 2007 the Bulldogs rallied to tie ECI at 35-all and then they lost in an extra session 42-35.

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On a hot Friday in the Pit the 2013 Bulldogs, in their first Region 2 game, overcame a 13-0 first half deficit. However, they lost in triple overtime to Bryan County 34-27. Jamar Smith scored two touchdowns in regulation to tie the game at 13 and then two more in overtime. The Redskins scored a TD in the third OT and then their defense laid a hit on Smith, as he was running hard for a first down, jarring the ball loose and ending a long night for both teams. Smith tallied his second straight 200-plus rushing game. The junior had 208 yards on 34 carries. He had a long run of 23 yards and averaged 6.1 yards per carry. Smith has run for 439 on 52 rushes for the season and is averaging 8.4 yards per run.

he Redskins put together a 70-yard scoring drive in the first quarter which featured three fourth down conversions. Two on offensive plays and one on a fake punt. Quarterback Jeremy McClendon threw a short pass and receiver Raekwon Love turned it into a 30-yard touchdown with a run down the Redskins’ sideline. Bryan County went for two-points and failed giving the Redskins a 6-0 lead with 4:25 to play in the period. The Bulldogs had one first down in the first quarter and they turned the ball over on an interception on their first possession.

Toombs turned the ball over on a fumble in the second quarter. The Dawgs turned the ball over four times losing three fumbles and throwing a pick. The Redskins recovered the ball at the Dawg 37 and scored after a timeout from the 12-yard line. Damion Dixon was inserted into the Wildcat Formation and he took the snap and scored to put Bryan County up 13-0 with 1:39 to play in the first half.

Sophomore Jordan Usher took over at quarterback for TCHS and made a first down run that set up Smith for a 15-yard touchdown run with 1:04 to play in the half. The Bulldogs PAT failed so it was 13-6 Bryan County at the half.

The Bulldogs tied the game at 13-all with 4:53 to play in the third quarter. Usher made a fine play fake that fooled the Redskin defense and he took off on a first down run. Smith finished the drive with a six-yard run that was similar to many he had in middle school. He broke tackles all the way to the end zone. Oswaldo Guzman tied the game with the extra point.

Neither team scored in the fourth quarter, although the Dawgs had several chances. Toombs recovered a fumble at the Bryan 35 with 6:01 to play. The Bulldogs drove down to the 17 setting up a 34-yard field goal attempt for Guzman. He booted one of the same distance against Montgomery County into the north end zone. However, he missed his kick to the south end zone by a small margin.

The game went to overtime and each team got the ball at the 15-yard line. The Redskins scored on a three-yard quarterback run by McClendon out of the T-formation and they kicked the PAT to take a 20-13 lead. The Bulldogs countered by converting a fourth down on a Javon Edwards run and then Smith scored on a two-yard carry. Guzman drilled the PAT to make it 20-all.

Both teams scored a touchdown and kicked an extra point in the second overtime. Smith scored his fourth TD of the night and seventh of the season on a two-yard run and McClendon threw to Dixon in the end zone for a 14-yard completion.

The game was decided in the third overtime. Nick Scott scored on a fourth down run of five yards and Terry Hardy took care of the PAT and the Bulldogs were stopped on fourth down and four at the nine to give the Redskins their first ever victory over Toombs County in their sixth try. The Dawgs final possession began with a five-yard penalty.

Bulldogs smother Bryan County 19-0

The Toombs County Bulldog defense set the tone early in their Region 2 opener at Bryan County that it wasn’t going to be easy to run against their front five. Tomond Hampton, Jamar Smith Brandon Dowd, Eric Hester, Brandon Beckum and Anthony Britt all helped the Dawgs control the line of scrimmage in a 19-0 win.

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Listen to Y-101 play-by-play highlights


On the Redskins first possession TCHS forced a third down pass that was intercepted by a blitzing Cody Dowd. The senior linebacker then raced 30 yards for his first Bulldog touchdown. “It was a run read, the guard pulled and I ran down hill and when I realized it was a pass I just got back in my zone and I read the quarterback’s eyes and I jumped on the pass,” said Dowd. Oswaldo Guzman’s PAT put Toombs up 7-0 with 10:23 to play in the first quarter.The Bulldogs next two touchdowns were scored on fourth and two runs by Smith. The sophomore halfback scored on a 31-yard run with 4:31 to play in the first half and a 12-yard bruising carry in which he broke several tackles before crossing the goal line. “I had a good block from my fullback Cameron Conner, my running back Mark Terrell and my tight end Tamond Hampton and I broke outside, broke a tackle and ran down field,” Smith said about his first touchdown. “The second one I just ran 34 like coach told me to and got behind my blockers, kept on pushing and got into the end zone,” said Jamar.