Lyons Mite Girls rally from an early tourney loss and win five straight to win the GRPA State Chmpionship

The Lyons Mite Girls- 2018 GRPA State Champions

The Lyons Mite Girls proved in the District 1 Tournament in Effingham County they could reel off wins and win a championship. They won four straight games by combined 55-22 score. Back in the same county for the GRPA State Tournament they opened up on Tuesday and skunked Troup County 20-0 then on Wednesday they lost by one single run to Whifield County 10-9- they had 9-7 lead in the last inning. That sent Lyons down to the losers bracket meaning to win a state title they would have to win five straight games.

That is exactly what these determined 9 and 10 year old girls did including two rematch championship games against Whitfield. Lyons won 24-9 to send the tourney to the If necessary game and Lyons this time pulled out a one run victory- 16-15 to win the first Mite Girls GRPA Championship since 1993. A quarter of a century ago.

“I want to say first, that we are a team, a family and they believed in one another,” head coach Shawn Stringer said. “That’s how they played on the field. No one player outshined the rest. If one player struggled, another picked them up. Every player at one point batted great, played great defense or ran the bases great. A complete team effort from top to bottom. I told them most players have talent, its the heart and drive that sets teams apart. The turning point for us was the Wayne Co game. To be down 12 to 4 and to still battle, compete , and never give up. After that game I think they knew that they were bigger then the moment. Then to come back and double dip the Whitfield team that beat us by one- run, AMAZING. We hit the ball great all day long and that was key for us. I’m so glad we won it all, but I’m more proud of our effort, desire and attitudes we showed more then anything.”

Bryce Braddy’s Y-101 interview with coach Shawn Stringer


Front row left to right
Shakayla Joseph, Rayne Sears, Gianna Hamlin, Shaylin Stringer, Brinley Miller, Makaila Moxley, Laura Zamorano.
Middle row left to right
Romia Morris, Natalie Quintero, Emerson Powell,
Marishka Smith, Anna Mendez
Coaches left to right
Shaun Stringer, Scott Ford, Lisa Miller

Other victories in the tourney

Wednesday– Lyons 16, Swainsboro 4

Wednesday- Lyons 16, Wayne County 15- “We lost to Whitfield by one run,” head coach Shawn Stringer said, “We had a 9-7 lead in the last inning .We didn’t play our best, but hats off to Whitfield to comeback and win. Next we had Swainsboro and we played really well and won 16 to 2. Against Wayne County we were down 12 to 4 at one point. We were struggling a little, but we keep our spirits up and kept telling the girls to dig and fight- its not over. Get some runs every inning and work our way back into the game and we did. It was 15 to 11 Wayne in the bottom of sixth. We started a rally hitting the ball. Tied the game up 15 to 15. We had bases loaded with two outs and then we got a huge hit from Shaylin Stringer- a shot to the outfield that was a home run over all the Wayne County outfielders. We just needed one and we got it. I’m just so happy with the heart, desire, hustle and attitudes these girls had. To battle and battle like they did and to come back. I hope we bring the same fire and drive against Douglas on Thursday.”

Thursday- Lyons 14, Douglas 6