Air Dawgs come back in 4th quarter before losing to number 1 Benedictine

Faced with the reality that they couldn’t sustain a drive with their running game like they normally do, the Toombs County Bulldogs turned the game over to senior quarterback Dalton McBride and his receiver core which featured a freshman Chander Lynn, junior Ashlee Ashley and senior Jaquail Boyd. In the fourth quarter, down 21-0, the Bulldogs scored two touchdowns to cut Cadet lead to 21-14. However on a third down play Travis Blackshear scored on a 30-yard run to end the Bulldogs comeback as Benedictine won it’s 22nd game in a row, 28-14, before a packed home side at Booster Stadium in Lyons.

Locker Room Show


Pictures by J.D. Rogers

The TCHS Cheerleaders Banner
(from left with flags) Ervin Mincey, Dalton McBride and Rig Tinoco lead the Dawgs 
Head coach Richie Marsh and the Bulldogs
Ashlee Ashley catches a Dalton McBride pass and runs 
Ashlee Ashley is tackled at the 2 after a 47-yard pass play
Ahlee Ashley catches a pass to help set up TCHS’s second TD

McBride hit Ashley with a 47-yard pass which he ran down to the 2-yard line and then Dalton ended the three play drive with another up and over touchdown from a yard out to make it 21-7 Cadets with 4:01 left in the game.

Rig Tinoco was successful with an onside kick to the left which was recovered by NyKwan Coleman at the BC 38. McBride threw a perfect pass to Boyd in the right corner of the north end zone, good for 25-yards, to cut the lead to 21-14 after a second Tinoco PAT. There was still 3:12 left on the fourth quarter clock.

The Cadets handled a second onside kick and then on a third and five play Blackshear turned a busted play into a touchdown. He almost went down behind the line of scrimmage and the Bulldogs almost tackled him for a loss. However, Blackshear maintained his balance by putting his left hand down on the ground. Next he broke a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and then he reversed field and ran down the Bulldog sideline for the game-clinching TD.

Blackheer scored the first TD of the game, with 9:47 to play in the second quarter, on a run of more than 40-yards. With 4:27 to play in the half Jonah Griffin scooped up a Bulldog fumble and ran it 40-yards for a touchdown to give the Cadets a 14-0 lead. Blackshear scored a third quarter TD which made it 21-0 Benedictine with 7:59 left on the clock.

Game Summary

1 2 3 4 F
Benedictine 0 14 7 7 28
Toombs County 0 0 0 14 14

Second Quarter

TD 9:47 Benedictine- Travis Blasckshear 44-yard run (PAT Good)  7-0

TD 4:27 Benedictine- Jonah Griffin fumble recovery and 40-yard run (PAT Good)

Third Quarter

TD 7:59 Benedictine- Blackshear 44-yard run (PAT Good)

Fourth Quarter

TD 4:01 Toombs County- Dalton McBride 1-yard run (Tinoco PAT Good)

TD 3:42 Toombs County- McBride 25-yard pass to Jaquail Boyd (Tinoco PAT Good)

TD :58 Benedictine- Blackshear 30-yard run (PAT Good)

Unofficial Statistics


Keshawn Morgan 12 carries for 28-yards (2.3)  Long 7-yards

Dalton McBride 13 carries for 33-yards (2.5) 1 TD  Long 23-yards

Demetrious Owens 4 carries for 8 yards (2.0)  Long 4-yards

Kyle Reynolds 1 carry for 4-yards


Dalton McBride 14-of-29 for 192-yards (48%) Long 47-yards 1 TD and 2 Interceptions


Ashlee Ashley 5 catches for 106-yards  Long 47-yards

Jaquail Boyd 2 catches for 43-yards  Long 25-yards 1 TD

Chandler Lynn 3 catches for 28 yards  Long 14-yards

D.J. Matthews 2 catches for 7 yards  Long 7-yards

Adam Edwards 1 catch for 4-yards


Kyle Reynolds 4 for 128 yards (32.0)  Long 36-yards


Rig Tinoco 2 for 2

Field Goal

Tinoco 42-yard blocked

First Touchdown- 4 plays, 60-yards- TCHS’s Dakota Braddock recovered a Cadet fumble at the TCHS 40. McBride ran for 4 and 7-yards picking up a first down and then Dalton threw a pass to Ashley with turned into a 47-yard completion down to the 2-yard line. BC was called for offsides which moved the ball to near the 1 and McBride went up and over for the touchdown.

Second Touchdown- 2 plays, 38-yards- Tinoco tried an onside kick which was recovered by Nykwan Coleman at the Cadet 38. McBride threw two passes. He connected with Ashley for a 13-yard gain and he tossed one to the right corner, of the north end zone, which was caught by Boyd for the touchdown.


Chandler Lynn catches and runs
Adam Edwards is up ended