Bulldogs go 2-0 after a long, wet night in the Pit

After playing their season-opening game at 5 p.m on a very hot Saturday on the fake grass of Paulson Stdium the Toombs County Bulldogs were looking forward to a normal night of Friday football in their Pit. Instead what they got was a game which started at 9:05, ended at 11:06 and was played in the mud. The Bulldogs handled the 95 minute delay and challenging conditions as they secured their second win of the season with a 38-6 decision over Twiggs County. Toombs County Football Page

Y-101 Locker Room Show


Pictures by J.D. Rogers

The Pit is a pound after 7 p.m.

After being confined to the locker room for an hour and 40 minutes due to heavy rain and dangerous lightning, the Bulldogs came out and scored two first quarter touchdowns on two big plays. Quarterback Dalton McBride faked a hand off to Keshawn Morgan and then he took off on a 34-yard touchdown run toward the near side pylon in the north end zone. A Rig Tinoco extra point put Toombs up 7-0 with 9:20 to play in the first quarter.

Ervin Mincey runs to the loose ball
Ervin MIncey races to the north end zone

The next big scoring play came on defense. On a fourth and two play Bulldog defensive back Demetrius Owens nailed a Cobra jarring the ball loose and Ervin Mincey scooped up the ball and raced on the muddiest part of the field for a Bulldog six with 3:56 to play in the first quarter. A bad snap on the PAT meant the Dawg had to 13-0.

Ervin Mincey leaves Booster Stadium in an ambulance in a 2016 loss to Twiggs County

For Mincey the defensive touchdown was quite meaningful. In last years 24-17 loss to Twiggs he had to leave the game in an ambulance after sustaining an injury.

Nykwan Colaman almost scored a TD after his catch and run to the 2-yard line
Keshawn Morgan takes a high step over the goal line

The Bulldogs scored second quarter points on a 6-yard run by Morgan and a 28-yard field goal by Tinoco. Keshwan’s first touchdown of his senior season was set up by a big pass to Nykwan Coleman. McBride followed up the TD with a 2-point run and TCHS had a 21-0 lead with 11:53 to play in the first half.

Rig Tinoco connects on a 28-yard field goal

Tinoco’s field goal was set up by a Tyler Smith fumble recovery at the Cobra 11. Rig’s second 28-yarder of the season gave the Bulldogs a 24-0 lead with 10:51 to play in the half.

After the Dawgs scored their double-dozen they didn’t score again for 21 minutes and 20 seconds of game time. Tinoco came up short on a 47-yard field goal attempt in the south end and a 43-yard effort toward the north goal posts was off to the left.

The Dawg drought, on the still muddy field, came to an end on Morgan’s second touchdown run with 1:40 to play in the third quarter. Keshawn scored from a yard out. Tinoco nailed the PAT for a 31-0 lead. Morgan scored in every game in 2016, but one and that was the Twiggs game.

Jeidon Sistrunk scored the final TCHS TD on a 2-yard run with 9:28 to play and that sent the game to a running clock with the Bulldogs leading 38-0. The only thing still on the line for the Dawgs was a shutout. East Laurens scored it’s only points against the Bulldogs in week one with 7:24 to play. The Cobras finally crossed the goal line in the waining seconds on a short touchdown run.

Game Summary

1 2 3 4 F
Twiggs County 0 0 0 6 6
Toombs County 13 11 14 0 38

First Quarter

TD 9:20 Toombs County- Dalton McBride 34-yard run (Rig Tinoco PAT No Good)  6-0

TD 3:56 Toombs County- Ervin Mincey 45-yard fumble recovery (Tinoco PAT)  13-0

Second Quarter

TD 11:53 Toombs County- Keshawn Morgan 6-yard run (McBride 2-point run)  21-0

FG 10:51 Toombs County- Rig Tinoco 28-yard field goal  24-0

Third Quarter

TD 1:40 Toombs County- Morgan 1-yard run (Tinoco PAT)  31-0

Fourth Quarter

TD 9:28 Toombs County- Jeidon Sistrunk 2-yard run (Tinoco PAT)  38-0

TD :37 Twiggs County- Seth Bloodworth 1-yard run (2 pt pass intercepted)

Unofficial Statistics


Morgan 13-79 (7.2) yards and 2 touchdowns  Long 25 yards

McBride 8-51 (6.4) and 1 touchdown  Long 34 yards

Sistrunk 8-34 (4.3) yards and 1 touchdown  Long 7 yards


Nykwan Coleman 1 for 45 yards

Jaquail Boyd 1 for 10 yards

D.J. Matthews 1 for 1 yard


McBride 3-for-7 for 56 yards

First Touchdown- 2 plays, 39-yards- After the Bulldog defense opened the game with a three and out stop, the offense got the ball with a short field. On the first play Morgan ran for five plus yards and then on a fake to Morgan, McBride took off down the right side of the field and scored on a 34-yard run. His second touchdown of the season.

Second Touchdown- 1 play, 46-yards- On their second possession the Cobras picked up a couple of first downs and then on fourth down and two at the TCHS 48 Bloodworth pitched to Devonte Glover and Owens ran straight to the ball and, with his tackle at the 50-yard line, jarred the ball loose. Mincey ran straight to the loose ball and scooped it up cleanly at the Twiggs 46. Ervin ran a couple of choppy steps on the wet turf before he shifted in to another gear and raced in to the north end zone for a defensive touchdown.

Third Touchdown- 4 plays, 47-yards- On the first play Coleman beat the defender by 4-yards and McBride threw him a pass which he caught at the 21-yard line. Coleman ran down to the two for the Bulldogs biggest pass play of the young season- a gain of 45-yards. Sistrunk ran for a yard and then the Dawgs were penalized for 5-yards for illegal procedure. Morgan took over in the backfield and ran for a yard and then six for the touchdown.

Field Goal- 4 plays. 1-yard- After Smith’s fumble recovery set the Bulldogs up at the Twiggs 12. Sistrunk ran for a yard and then McBride threw two pass which were incomplete. A toss in to the right corner of the end zone and then one toward the left sideline. On fourth down Tinoco kicked his second 28-yard field goal of the season.

D.J. Matthews recovers a Cobra fumble
Keshawn Morgan uses a devastating stiff arm on a first half run

Fourth Touchdown- 4 plays, 36-yards- D.J. Matthews recovered a Twiggs fumble at the Cobra 36. Sistrunk carried the ball twice, each time for 5-yards and a first down and then Morgan brought out his stiff arm and ran 25-yards down to the one. Morgan finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run.

Fifth Touchdown- 5 plays, 55-yards- McBride took off and ran 30-yards for a first down to the Cobra 25. Morgan carried the ball a dozen yards for a first down and then three more before Sistrunk came in and ran for 7-yards and a first down and then two more for his first touchdown of his senior season.

Ashlee Ashley tackles fullback Richard Sherman
Keshawn Morgan runs over the Cobras in the second half
The Men in Skin enjoy a Bulldog victory