Toombs County High School Red Coats are preparing to go back to the 60’s

The Toombs Red Coat Marching Band is preparing to the 2017 football season with two weeks of band camp. The Red Coats will be honoring the 60’s at halftime of the Bulldog games both home and away. The first song they learned was the Rolling Stones’s Satisfaction, which was released on June 6, 1965. The Mick Jagger/Keith Richards composition went to number one in seven different countries including the United States on July 10. 1965.

Y-101 Radio Story


The second song the Red Coats are going to take on is the 5th Dimension’s Aquarius which was first performed in a play called Hair. The song hit the top of the charts in 1969.

Of course these songs were hits way before the Red Coats were born so many went to youtube to learn more about the music.

Drum major Libby Bridges and the Red Coats

Senior Libby Bridges is the 2017 drum major. She gave up playing the flute and marching with the flags to lead the band. “I do my best to conduct and show them how I want it to sound in the way I conduct,” Bridges said.

Band director Noah Bullard and the Red Coats work on marching
Senior Jose Martinez (right) leads the drum corp
Carlos Castro (left) is a freshman, but he is a Red Coat veteran