Cayson Hayes and Aidyn Driggers make Southeast Georgia Soap Box history with first place finishes in Akron

Aidyn Driggers (first on the left) and Cayson Hayes (first in yellow) represent Southeast Georgia on the winner’s podium

When Michael Williamson took over the position of race director for the Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby one of his goals was to make the organization competitive on the national level. First he increased participation in the yearly race, added the Super Stock Division in 2013 and local rally races when they changed tracks moving from North Victory Drive to Partin Park for the 2016 race. That year Southeast Georgia won it’s first championship in Akron- home of the legendary All-American Soap Box Derby- when Shawna Hutcheson  finished first in the Super Kids Race.

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What happened during race week in July of 2017 will go down as the year in which Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby arrived on the national scene. Cayson Hayes and Aidyn Driggers, representing Southeast Georgia, each won a championship at the 80th running of the All-American Soap Box Derby representing. Tucker Copeland finished eighth and Taylor Hutcheson and Alexis Head each won a race. In the past the Southeast Georgia Stock Champion would travel to Akron and every year would be eliminated in the first round. In 2017 even the race director (Williamson) himself finished second in the Parents Race.

Southeast Georgia was the only race organization to win more than two divisions on Saturday.

Hayes is from Summerville, South Carolina and has been racing at Partin Park for the past two years because it is the closest race to his hometown. Hayes was the Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby Stock winner in 2017. Driggers is from Tarrytown. Copeland, from Lyons, was the Southeast Georgia Stock winner in 2016.

Earlier in race week Hayes and Cassidy Martin each won rally race championships meaning Southeast Georgia quadrupled it’s first place trophy tally with four in 2017.

HEAT 669 Stock Division Final

1 Emilee Brand (384) NE 2nd
2 Logan Sennholtz-Linder (324) IL 3rd
3 Cayson Hayes (313) GA 1st

Rally Stock Division Final

Aidyn Driggers in the orange car wins by a nose in the final

HEAT 334

1 Aidyn Driggers (708) GA 1st
2 Jamison Geisler (705) FL 3rd
3 Lane Schlafke (720) KY 2nd

HEAT 232 Rally Super Stock Division 7th Place Race

1 Ashton Stevenson (631) TN 3rd
2 Dakota Thomas (600) WV 1st
3 Tucker Copeland (609) GA 2nd