Lyons Mites swing the sticks against Soperton

Autumn Jarriel and Aniston Powell

After losing a 4-3 decision to Twin City, the Lyons Mite Girls scored eight runs in the first inning and nine in the second in a 17-0 three inning victory over Soperton. In their second game in the losers bracket Lyons lost to Bacon County 8-1.

Y-101 Story

Autumn Jarriel smack her second inside the park homer
Autumn Jarriel ends her second trip around the bases
Kassidy Brantley drives a double to left field

Catcher Autumn Jarriel, batting third, led the Lyons offense with two inside the park home runs. Three runs scored on her first inning hit and two more in the second inning. Shortstop Kassidy Brantley went 2-for-2 and she hit a second inning double which took three little hops and bounced up against the left field fence. Arlie Gooden and Casey Cantwell also had two hits each. Brinley Miller, Aniston Powell, Melea Pittman, Jacey Hutchison, Shay Stringer, Martasia Burton, Anna Mendez and Laura Zamorano each had one hit.

Soperton opened the game with a hit and then the Lyons defense made eight straight plays before a strikeout ended it. Burton handled three grounders and caught a pop up at third base, Brantley fielded a grounder at short, Cantwell caught a liner and fielded a grounder from the pitchers position and Miller handled a ground ball at first base.