Bulldogs dominate the fourth quarter in 21-7 win at Hawkinsville

A spring football scrimmage against another team is something new for the GHSA and the Toombs County Bulldogs. In a Friday night game at Hawkinsville the Dawgs and the Red Devils each scored a late second quarter touchdown. However, after the junior varsity teams played the third quarter, Toombs came out and played very physical on offense and defense and tallied two touchdowns in a 21-7 victory.

TCHS head coach Richie Marsh talks about the scrimmage 

Keshawn Morgan scored two rushing touchdowns and Jacquail Boyd caught a touchdown pass from Ashlee Ashley.

Jonathan Benjiman breaks up a pass

The scrimmage opened with the Bulldogs stopping Hawkinsville on three plays. TCHS turned the ball over on the first offensive play on a Red Devil interception.

D.J. Matthews catches the ball and runs for a first down

The Bulldogs broke up a pass on fourth down and six and then they drove downfield. Ashley hit D.J. Matthews for a 16-yard completion on third down and 15 play. Toombs lost a fumble on the Red Devil 10 to end the drive.

D.J.Matthews (#42) comes in low and makes a tackle

Once again the Bulldog D stuffed the Red Devils and on fourth and 11 Hawkinsville punted to the Red Devil 40. Mistakes continued to stifle the Bulldog offense and the game remained scoreless despite an 18 and 10-yard run by Morgan and a 10-yard by Ashley.

Jacob Cody scores on a QB keeper

Late in the second quarter the Bulldogs had a third down situation in which they needed 38 yards to pick up a first down. A Bulldog pass was picked off at midfield and the Red Devils put together their only real drive of the game. On fourth down and one quarterback Jacob Cody scored and with the extra point the Red Devils had a 7-0 lead with 1:47 remaining in the half.

NyKwan Coleman goes one-on-two for a pass
NyKwan Coleman is trying to secure the ball
Nykwan Coleman wins the battle for the ball

Toombs County responded by driving down field and scoring a trying touchdown. Ashley threw a jump ball pass to Nykwan Coleman who battled two defenders and he outfought them for a catch at the Red Devil 9-yard line.

Unofficial official Caden Marsh signals touchdown as Keshawn Morgan is about to cross the goal line
Keshawn Morgan keeps the ball in bounds and scores

Morgan took a hand off and veered to the Bulldog sideline and maneuvered the ball inside the pylon for a 9-yard touchdown run with nine seconds remaining in the half. With no rush Rig Tinoco kicked the PAT to tie the game at half at  7-all.

Brannan Usher scores a junior varsity touchdown

The junior varsity teams played the third quarter and Toombs scored the only touchdown on a Tyler Heath to Brannan Usher touchdown pass.

Ashlee Ashley won’t go down on this run
It takes a bunch of Red Devils to take Ashlee Ashley to the ground
Jaquail Boyd beats his man and scores the second TCHS touchdown

In the fourth quarter Ashley took off on a very determined 20-yard run in which it took all 11 Red Devils to bring him down and then he threw a touchdown pass to Boyd with 7:18 to play in the game to put the Bulldogs up 14-7.

Shoeless Keshawn scores the last TD of the scrimmage
Keshawn Morgan is congratulated by the Bulldog coaches

The aggressive Bulldog defense stuffed the run and pressured the quarterback in the fourth quarter. With 1:12 to play Morgan scored his second touchdown on a roughly 20-yard run in which he lost his shoe prior to scoring.

Boyd ended the game with an interception on a deep ball.

Under the red glow from the scoreboard Coach Richie Marsh points to the six Red Devil state championships
The Red Devils have three state championships in two different centuries
The Bulldogs are challenged to have a memorable 2017 season
Keshawn Morgan protects the football
Keshawn Morgan leaves the ground on this run
Keshawn Morgan breaks another tackle
Ashlee Ashley runs with D.J.Matthews blocking
Nykwan Coleman makes a tackle
Jamar Burley tackles a Red Devil
Java’n Singletary stiff arms Jonathan Benjiman