Cayson Hayes and Anna Kate Martin are going to Akron

The 2017 Southeast Georgia Soap Derby, staged for the second year at Partin Park, is sending Cayson Hayes and Anna Kate Martin to Akron, Ohio for the All-American Soap Box Derby beginning July 16 and running through July 22.

Cayson Hayes
Cassidy Martin

Cayson Hayes edged Cassidy Martin in the Stock division and Anna Kate Martin defeated Alexi Carroll in the Super Stock division.

Alexi Carrol (left) vs. Anna Kate Martin (right)

In the stock division Eva Bullard placed third and Cash Driggers fourth and in the Stock division and Brock Nobles finished third and Taylor Hutchison fourth in the Super Stock Division.

All pictures and video by Bryce Braddy

SE Georgia Race director Michael Williamson and the top finishers and the princesses
Super Stock winner Cayson Hayes (front) and from the left Cash Drigger, Eva Bullard and Cassidy Martin
Super Stock winner Anna Kate Martin (front) and from the left Taylor Hutcheson, Brock Nobles and Alexie Carroll

The winning cars

Stock Division
Super Stock Division