TCHS Cheerleaders open up season with a 1st place finish


Historically the Toombs County High School competition cheerleading team has not fared well in season opening competitions. However, the 2016 team is  a definite exception. The Cheer Dawgs opened up their season competing in the Middle Georgia Cheer Classic at Jones County High School in Gray and the girls finished first in the Double A division. TCHS scored 208 points and defeated  Bleckley County, Jeff Davis and, Dodge County.

“We did really good because usually our first competitions are not so fabulous,” Brooke Morris , a junior flyer, said. “We usually fall apart, but I think we pushed really hard and did really good.” The largest class on this years team is the freshman class and this was their first high school competition. “We were terrified when it first happened,” Madi Mimbs, a freshman base, said. “Than we got on the mat and we started and we thought we got this. We had a lot of energy which helped on the score sheet.”

This season the Cheer Dawgs have worked hard to improve their tumbling skills. In the past only senior Kara Hayes could do a full. However, this season sophomore Divoria Gaffney has added a full to her repertoire and the rest of the girls have raised their degree of difficulty. “In our running tumbling and standing tumbling our motions were clean and they were together,” head coach Kate Parker said. “The girls had a lot of energy on the floor.” On the list for improvements before this weeks competition at West Laurens are stunts and the pyramid. “I definitely think we need to work on our stunts this week. Working on our partner stunts and cleaning up the pyramid. As for finishing first in week one Parker said,”I think it gives us motivation to push forward, the motivation to continue to build and be better each week, better than we were the week past.”